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Obamacare Faces Near-Solid Block In The South

Obamacare Faces Near-Solid Block In The South

Commented Apr 11, 2013 at 10:24:18 in Politics

“Shame on you Bill Barrow. It was entirely unnecessary to mention anything about the Civil War since it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Comments like that do nothing but divert readers' attention from the true purpose of your article and, I believe, are meant to inspire nothing but the hatred, racism, prejudice, and sectionalism you need to indoctrinate your readers. Shame on you. Your job is to publish unbiased, information to the general public and I believe if you disgrace your job in such a distasteful manner, you should be dismissed. Regardless, I hope you keep your job so my tax dollars don't go towards paying your unemployment and "affordable healthcare." Scurge of the earth.”