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New York Fans, Unite!

New York Fans, Unite!

Commented May 14, 2011 at 11:04:19 in Sports

“The way to end the Lockout today is to have some person who is truly being being unrepairable harmed to request it. The Players have said the lack of training camps is doing this, but the owners point to someone like Reggie Bush and say this is not so. And so the stay on the injunction which would end the lockout continues. But there is one perfect person who everybody agrees is being unrepairable harmed, and meets the criteria to end the Lockout today. That perfect person to end this lockout would be an undrafted free agent from this years draft class. There is no doubt this lockout is doing unrepairable harm to them. This is the only thing the Judges need to lift the stay on the injunction, and end the lockout. These prospective players can not even contact teams, to see if they have a chance to become a professional NFL football player.This person would not even have to be a good player, maybe they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell, but they are being harmed because they will never know. Any players out there hear me, please.”
Glenn Beck Rips Super Bowl Players For Conduct During National Anthem (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck Rips Super Bowl Players For Conduct During National Anthem (VIDEO)

Commented Feb 7, 2011 at 21:43:30 in Media

“I am a Vet from the Vietnam era. I was stationed at US Army HQ for all of Europe in Heidelberg Germany. I controlled Documents classified above Secret. When I was there there was a day when we were between 6 to12 hours from a war the American public knows NOTHING about. I will never again put my hand over my Heart, because we are not the country we think we are. That is all I can say, because I don't know if I STILL risk Jail if I say anything.”