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Obama's Pick for Head of USAID: Forcing GMO's on the World's Poor

Commented Feb 3, 2010 at 01:07:49 in Politics

“Don't worry, Rajiv Shaw is so far down the food chain in the Department of State one would need to be more concerend with what Hillary and Shaw's direct supervisors, Under Secretaries Lew and Slaughter are doing. He really is a figurehead in an agency that has little long term developmental goals, but plenty of diplomatic and political slush.”
huffingtonpost entry

Through the Looking Glass: Haiti and U.S. Development Leadership

Commented Jan 22, 2010 at 22:57:07 in World

“Raj Shah despite the State Deparments assertion is not in reality in charge of the Haiti relief effort. He is not qualified to lead this critical humanitarian response and indeed he is only a titular head of USAID. This once independent agency is now nothing more than an office within the Department of State and it no longer has control over the US development budget which is effectively administered by an under secretary of the State Department. The fact that the better part of a dozen potential administrators turned the position down in 2009 is clear evidence of the status of USAID and clearly marks Dr.Shah as the adminstrations thirteenth choice.

I hope that the legislation that Senators Lugar and Kerry are sponsoring to reestablish USAID's independent and cabinet level status is eventually passed. But extricating USAID from the bowels of the Department of State is not going to be easy even if this congressional initiative is successful. USAID's leaderhsip in Washington and in the field are sadly beholding to Ambassadors and the politicos in the Department of State.”