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Don't Think of a Maverick! Could the Obama Campaign Be Improved?

Don't Think of a Maverick! Could the Obama Campaign Be Improved?

Commented Sep 12, 2008 at 17:41:12 in Politics

“George Lakoff has helpfully identified the problem. Please, Obama campaign, take note! Go more effectively to voters where they live, the metaphorical heart and mind place.
Sen. Obama's calm temperament is not boring or passive. It's reassuring and suited to the job of president. He does not need to "become angrier". The worst thing he could do is to abandon his authentic personality.
He does need to use more impactful language and framing of his own, to prep the press and drive his own agenda rather than reacting to McCain's brand. Drilling, for example, is not okay or useful. It's easy to explain why. How did Obama come to support drilling at any level?”
Three Elephants in the Room

Three Elephants in the Room

Commented Sep 4, 2008 at 14:56:50 in Politics

“Thank you for addressing the facts of McCain's health,THE topic actually, that seems to go largely unnoticed. I share Rosen's concern about his suffering from dementia in addition to the longstanding temperament extremes that might work okay in the Senate but not in the Oval Office. There's his growing incoherence, dark, odd jokes, losing track of thoughts, dependency on notes for any speaking, and that obliviousness, a readiness to throw us all under the bus because he trusts his faculties unrealistically, and/or doesn't show normal concern about the effects of his dying in office with Palin next in line.

McCain confuses his own long-frustrated presidential aspirations with the well-being of everyone to be affected by his choices. Palin seems equally ego-based, nonchalantly pronouncing herself competent and suitable to govern. And she even seems to share McCain's sarcastic, impulsive traits. Judgment problems.

So why do many voters seem undisturbed by the dangerous implications of this partnership--not just their fanciful narratives, but the health and suitability issues shared by McCain and Palin? Is it the elephant-in-the room psychology of ignoring big threats, and will this habit allow McCain to be elected?”