06/20/2013 02:14 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2013

4 Reasons to Go Without a Plus One as a Bridesmaid

Don't have a date? Don't fret! Going solo as a bridesmaid has tons of benefits -- many of which might make your fellow attendants with dates a little jealous! From paying less to partying more, there are plenty of reasons to embrace going without a date to your friend's or sibling's wedding. In fact, some may argue that a single bridesmaid is the best bridesmaid.

Need convincing? Here are just a few of the plusses to going without a "plus one."

It's less expensive.
When you go single, you can save a lot of cash on wedding expenses. For example, you can share a hotel room with a group of friends and pay a fraction of what a couple would be spending. Then, you can enlist your wedding-weekend roommates to get you aisle-ready, instead of paying for hair and makeup at a salon. Another way you pay less when you're dateless? As a single guest, you're not obligated to spend as much on a wedding gift, which means you can drop that extra coin on a new rehearsal dinner dress!

You have more time for the bride.
Going without a date means you can focus all your attention on the bride -- putting you in the running for the "Best Bridesmaid Ever" award. Give your fellow bridesmaids some space by letting them know ahead of time you're happy to take on some extra duties so they can attend to their guests. Not only will the bride love having you by her side to make sure everything runs smoothly, but the other girls in the bridal party will appreciate you thinking of them.

You can turn the dance floor into a first date spot.
Chances are that if a single guy is invited to your friend's wedding, he's pretty worthy. So think of the singles' table (you know, the one that's closest to the bar) as an edited dating pool, pre-approved by the bride and groom.

More cake for you.
When you're a proud party-of-one, you don't have to stress about impressing anyone. So don't be shy -- R.S.V.P. for the filet dinner and polish off that piece of cake. Consider it the fuel you need to catch that bouquet and dance all night!

Sonali is the co-founder of Brideside, an online designer boutique and resource for bridesmaids that makes finding and buying beautiful bridesmaid dresses effortless and fun.