07/22/2014 01:54 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Stop Complaining About Being a Bridesmaid

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Ladies, I get it: Being a bridesmaid isn't all glamor and champagne toasts. It's a big job that requires a lot of your free time, money, and changes the wedding experience altogether. We've all had those thoughts following the infamous inquiry of "Will you be my bridesmaid?" It's time we admit (and examine) them:

1. The last time you rocked an updo was senior prom -- and you wanted that to be the last time. Sure, it's understandable that a bride wants her wedding party to look polished, with their hair pulled away from their face. But you've reached an age where you (finally) have mastered the art of styling your hair that doesn't include 20 bobby pins and an entire can of L'Oreal Elnett. You don't want everyone wondering if you're headed to a beauty pageant after the ceremony with your Miss America hairdo.

...Riiiight, because everyone will be talking about your hair as your breathtaking bestie is marrying the man of her dreams right next to you.

2. There is no better justification for finally splurging on that dress you've been eyeing than your friend's wedding. Unless your friend takes that excuse away by making you a bridesmaid, requiring you to spend your splurge-dress money on the dress she has chosen for you (and her five other closest friends). If you're lucky, she'll let you choose the silhouette that fits you but honestly, when will you wear a rosy chiffon dress again?

...Maybe never. But that rosy chiffon dress is a symbol of your friendship -- out of all of the people in her life, your friend wanted you by her side when she said "I do." And maybe one day that dress will be your kid's favorite thing to wear while playing dress-up.

3. You'd rather be sitting down during the ceremony than standing up in your pastel dip-dyed heels.

...But then you might not be able to catch the tear in the groom's eye or feel the excitement as they voice their vows.

4. So many pre-wedding events, so little time. There are engagement parties, bridal shower(s), fittings, tastings, and the free time you have left is spent shopping for gifts, finding the right pair of shoes... it never ends.

...You should be thanking the bride for pulling a Super Bowl Beyoncé and reuniting the group for her big moment. Can you name the last time you and your girlfriends hung out this much?!

5. It'd be nice to spend some time with your date. Whether it's your new beau's first time meeting your whole posse or a rare night out with your husband, a wedding usually means quality time with your plus one. But between endless photo ops, wedding dress train duty, and of course, the seating arrangements at the reception, being a bridesmaid can get in the way.

...By asking you to be her bridesmaid, your girlfriend is giving you a VIP ticket to the biggest, most extravagant party she will ever throw. She wants you in the photo album she will show to her grandchildren, to sip champagne in the limo, and to be the one to tell her if she has lipstick on her teeth. (Always tell the bride if she has lipstick on her teeth.) You can dance with your date when a cheesy slow song comes on.

No matter how many times these thoughts run through your head, remember that you'll be one of the first people to see the bride in her dress, you'll have countless professional photos to choose from when you need a new Facebook picture, and most importantly, your friend will always remember you being by her side when she became a "Mrs."

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