04/29/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2014

How to Turn Coach Into First Class

We all know it: Flying coach can be painful. There's almost no legroom, you always feel like you're going to get squished by the person in front of you, and customer service isn't exactly top notch.

But guess what? There are magical ways of making your coach experience feel more first class! Who wouldn't want to travel like a rockstar?

Tip # 1

Gain control of your seat. Do not let the airline choose for you. Once you have chosen your seat, if it is not picture perfect, keep checking back! Empty seats open up all the time.

To find out which seats are the best and the worst in a particular aircraft, check out these two sites:

Tip # 2

Beware of the exit row!

There are always two rows in the exits, and the first row seats will not recline! Now that you know this, why not choose a seat in the row behind it? This way you can avoid those intrusive incliners!

If no seats are available, the best choice is to go for the aisle seat. More legroom!

Tip # 3

Set a seat alarm! Just go to, choose the seat that you want, even if it is taken, and they will email you when this seat becomes available. Genius!

Tip # 4

If you don't have the seat that you want, you can always check for seat availability with the gate agent when you check-in for your flight. You'd be surprised how many times you can upgrade your seat choice!

Now that you have found your perfect seat, here's what you'll need to really boost your coach class experience:

- Neck Pillow

- Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs

- A sleeping mask

Voila! Welcome to first class.