05/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ms. California vs. Gay Marriage: Funny She Holds the same Position as the President, Vice President and Secretary of State

Still at the center of a divisive debate about gay marriage, several days after her remarks at the Miss USA pageant, Miss California Carrie Prejean went on the Today show Tuesday morning and maintained she was proud of what she had said.

She said, "I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman ... that's how I was raised." Besides setting off an instant national firestorm of pro- and con-gay-marriage/freedom-of-speech twittering and blogging, her answer was widely believed to have cost her the crown. It also prompted Perez Hilton (the blogger who posed the question) to later post a nasty and unprintable rant about her on his massively popular Web site

"I was ready for my question, and when I heard it from (Perez), I knew at that moment after I'd answered the question, I knew that I was not going to win because of my answer," she said. "Because I had spoken from my heart, for my beliefs and for my God. ... It's not about being politically correct, for me, it's about being biblically correct."

Earlier in the day Prejean went on MSNBC's morning show, where she was asked about Hilton's attack on her. "I can only say to him that I will be praying for him. I feel sorry for him, I really do," Prejean said. "I think he's angry, I think he's hurt.

Okay folks so this post logically follows my post on Ms. Garofolo's comments about the Tea Party Protestors being "Racist Rednecks" angry at the presence of a "black man" in the White House. Mr. Hilton did not like the answer he got from Ms. California and now she is an "intolerant B&^%" who gave the "worst answer in pageant history."

I will simply say this: why is there a double standard in America as to who can protest, who can speak "truth" and who can have an opinion without being viciously assaulted and attacked by those who do not share their point of view?

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all OPPOSE GAY MARRIAGE. They, like me and a clear majority of Americans favor "civil unions" and other civil rights for gay couples.

So why is Ms. Prehean under assault by this left-wing blogger? Because she stands for what "the Bible says"? Or because she was raised to value "heterosexual marriage" as the only valid form of marriage in the church as most of us were?

Are you starting to see a pattern developed here?

Do as I say not as I do.

Ms. Garafolo in March 2003 said (after participating in an anti war protest): "There has been so many inappropriate responses to dissent which is the most patriotic thing you can do and the First Amendment guarantees everyone's right to speak out." Yet, the crazed white red-neck racists cannot protest or dissent. Nor apparently can the pretty blonde Christian beauty Queen.

Let me hear what you guys think on yet another out of control crazed liberal rant against an American citizen who has a different point of view from their own. I'm not making this stuff up folks.

I am going to stick with this theme for a while so buckle up.