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Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush -- Actress. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. This well-known actress has been spearheading some of the most unique philanthropic efforts in the country - all while bringing an army of Millennial fans and followers with her. Sophia is a partner in and working toward making philanthropic engagement the coolest way to be social on the internet. She has raised over $300,000 through social media engagement on the platform. Sophia is a board member of Pencils of Promise and F Cancer. She serves as an Advisory Council member for Invisible Children, an investor in Uber and StyleSeat, and an advisor to SoundTracking.

Entries by Sophia Bush

To Reward Efficiency, Let's Reward Efficiency

(26) Comments | Posted November 25, 2013 | 10:09 AM

It's no secret -- if you know me, have ever met me or have shared a meal with me -- that I'm a passionate environmentalist. Thus, I find myself closely watching all things climate-related in the news. When the U.N. released its landmark report on climate change this...

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