White Space: Without It, You Are Missing Lucrative Opportunities

10/25/2011 12:02 pm ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

You're an entrepreneur, mum, accountant, sales executive, product creator, marketing manager and networker. You always seem to be running out of time and you wish for more then 24 hours in a day. You sleep 4-6 hours a night -- most of the time you don't even sleep in your bed, but instead at your desk because you are too tired to make the walk down the hall.

You're tired but you keep telling yourself that you only have to push yourself a little bit harder before your business takes off and you're doing interviews on the Today Show.

The truth is that you have been pushing yourself just that little bit harder for the last three years. You're worn out and in the dead of night, normally around 2am, you ask yourself, ''what am I doing wrong? Why hasn't my time come? And what am I missing?''

But instead of just stopping and focusing on the White Space you open up a webpage and start looking for answers. One hour has passed and you have bought a new e-book on marketing. Two hours have passed and you have signed up to a seven-week e-class. You feel satisfied that you have taken action and for the first time in a week you have a great night's sleep.

You read the e-book and you attend the seven week e-class and for the first week you feel pumped, but then the effects wear off and you are back to square one.

You're right to look for answers and your passion is to be admired but you are missing a vital part of the business process and that is to focus on the ''White Space.'' To focus on the White Space means to stop and think. It means to be silent and allow your mind to wonder. It means to stop and allow yourself to be creative.

I have what I like to call 'White Space Days' when I clear my office and just have loads of white paper in the room, and as an idea or inspiration comes to me I write it down. On these days I don't answer emails or take phone calls. I just allow my mind to wonder and think of the possibilities.

Believe it or not, the answers that you are searching for are within you, but you are often too busy to just stop and take notice.

During my ' White Space' days I have received $10,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000 ideas just by eliminating the noise from my day.

So my challenge to you is this: over the next week have your own ' White Space Day.' Turn off your phone, don't look at emails, remove all distractions and just focus on the white space, and every time you get a seed of inspiration, write it down. Don't act on it, just write it down.

The day after your ''White Space Day'' you can then take action and you will be amazed how the cash and opportunities start to roll in.

Why you may ask?

Because the ideas and Inspiration that you are acting on come from the alignment of your heart, mind and skills. Focusing on the White Space allows you to tap into that inner creativity that produces results. When you act in alignment, amazing results are produced. When you are too busy to check-in with yourself, which often happens with entrepreneurs, you take action that is out of alignment. Sometimes you take action that is also a little bit desperate which is why the results that you seek are not materialized.

Focus on the White Space.