Movies That Will Definitely Get Oscar Nominations (2010 Edition)

04/02/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Spencer Green Co-Creator: BUMPERSTICKER: THE MUSICAL

The Academy Award nominations for 2009 films will be announced on February 2nd; the following are the most likely contenders. Good luck to them all:

Flying Codgers Are Even More Lovable When They're Cartoons

War Is Bad But, Like, Wicked Cool

Better Sci-Fi Political Metaphors Through Big Exploding Bugs

The Fat, Black, and Abused Empowermentpalooza

Russians Played By Great British and Canadian Actors Who Really Know How to Use Their Voices

Quentin Tarantino's Latest Film Geek Compendium Fantasy

Indie High Concept RomCom With Extra Edited Quirkiness

British Girl's Advanced Seminar at the Sad School of Life

South Africa Brought Together By a Sport With Incomprehensible Rules

Country Singer Redemption Tale Built From Spare Parts of Other Country Singer Redemption Tales

Fellini Called, He Wants His Movie Back

Terrifically Twee Mr. Anderson's Animated Adventure

300 Million Dollars of CGI That Looks Like 300 Million Dollars of CGI

Revamped TV Franchise With Plot That Shits On At Least Three Different Space-Time Continuums

The Man Who Flew Too Far and Downsized His Heart

White Women Sure Like Helping Black People Triumph Over Adversity, Huh?

Take One Cooking Legend, Add One Whiny Blogger, Stir, Let Congeal

The Coen Brothers Substitute Their Usual Slack-Jawed Yokels with Soup-Slurping Jews