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Robert Greenwald

College Football Is Stealing Your Education

Robert Greenwald | October 13, 2015 | College
The numbers for this crisis are daunting. One of America's favorite past times is essentially draining the lifeblood and the future wealth out of the next generation and few realize it.
Nora Dunn

You Give Me Fever: Why Girls Who Love Pro Sports Should Have an Equal Voice in Them

Nora Dunn | October 12, 2015 | Sports
Sports takes you out of the skinny girl mentality, out of the sexual object category, and allows you to embrace yourself without self-consciousness and own who you are. That does not make us less of a woman. It makes us more.
Brandon Marshall

The Way People Talk About Mental Health Is Crazy

Brandon Marshall | October 12, 2015 | Healthy Living
As a society, we may feel safer by believing the threat of violence can be ascribed to one group of people. Like human nature, however, the truth is more complicated.
Kyle Thiermann

Chasing Mavericks in Real Life

Kyle Thiermann | October 12, 2015 | Sports
Over the past couple of months, I've been developing a new YouTube show with Discovery Digital's new adventure network, Seeker. The show follows me working to get into the Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Competition with regularly released episodes every Saturday at 10 a.m. The series is much more than just training and surfing: it's everything from exploring new avenues of activism and meeting up with figures like Dr. J Nichols (author of Blue Mind) to going into the psychology of big wave surfing with guys like Mark Healey. And of course, we will be surfing some larger than average waves along the way. You will be able to see all of my content here on the Huffington Post, but you can also stay up to date on my adventures by following me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and
Amy Dardashtian

Why Fantasy Sports Makes 'Insider Trading' Legal

Amy Dardashtian | October 12, 2015 | Sports
A recent Washington Post headline reads, "Insider-trading scandal rocks daily fantasy sports industry." There is one problem with that headline; there is no such thing as "insider trading" in fantasy sports. It is unregulated.
Alan Schechter

New York Jets First Quarter Heroes

Alan Schechter | October 11, 2015 | Sports
Led by a bruising running back and veteran wide receiver, the Jets are seeing success they haven't seen in years. Here are some of the Jets heroes from the first quarter of the season.
Ken Reed

Youth Sports Burnout Driven by Achievement by Proxy Syndrome

Ken Reed | October 10, 2015 | Sports
Simply put, when it comes to youth sports, as parents and coaches - as adults -- we need to chill out. Our sons and daughters almost assuredly aren't going to be pro athletes. Statisticians believe that you have a better chance of being murdered than becoming a professional athlete.
Malaika Bobino

NBA Continues To Open Doors For Women

Malaika Bobino | October 10, 2015 | Sports
Former WNBA player and coach Nancy Lieberman was hired this summer to help out during summer league with Sacramento Kings. Lieberman becomes the second woman hired as an assistant coach since Hammon was hired in 2014.
Brooke de Lench

U.S. Failure To Ratify UN Convention on Rights of the Child Is Embarrassing and Unacceptable

Brooke de Lench | October 9, 2015 | Sports
Child abuse is the most preventable youth sport injury. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse should not be the price children have to pay to play competitive sports. The status quo should and must be changed.
Matt Gault

Jose Mourinho Needs His Chelsea Players to Step Up More Than Ever

Matt Gault | October 9, 2015 | UK Sport
Mourinho finds himself in perhaps his most testing time as a manager, but, more than ever, he needs his players to show exactly why they are champions and stop hiding from the cataclysmic disaster that is their current campaign.
Kelli Gail

5 Keys to the Mets Winning in the Postseason

Kelli Gail | October 9, 2015 | Sports
My friend Michael has a saying about the Mets each year: "Just get me to football season." After eight long painful seasons, the New York Metropolitans not only got him (and I) to football season, but have now become the must see sport of October.
Ezra Doueck

Buckner: The Story of Redemption

Ezra Doueck | October 9, 2015 | Sports
The above post is a fiction piece inspired by a real story. All thoughts, opinions, or emotions portrayed by Mr. Buckner were contrived by the author for dramatic effect. All other contextual facts and quotations are accurate. The year was 1986. A cool October breeze gently grazed my face as...
Fred Engh

Youth Football - How Does it Survive? I Mean Really?

Fred Engh | October 7, 2015 | Sports
As a former recreation professional, I've seen my share of youth football. But I have never seen the negative challenges such as it is facing today.
Jan Albert Suing

Philippines vs. China: RIP Basketball

Jan Albert Suing | October 7, 2015 | Sports
Even though sports like football and volleyball have started to get a taste of the limelight, basketball remains the most widely followed sport in the Philippines. This is in spite of our lack of height which has not deterred Filipinos to master the sport and be competitive with it.
Nathan Timmel

Man Up, Michael Sam 

Nathan Timmel | October 7, 2015 | Sports
Michael Sam believes he's good enough to play in the NFL. Steve Martin said, "Be so good they can't ignore you." But life isn't fair, and they can and will ignore you. And there's nothing you can do about it. 
Emma Thurston

Rugby World Cup 2015 - The Most Competitive Ever

Emma Thurston | October 6, 2015 | UK Sport
The manner in which Japan defeated South Africa on the first weekend will remain in all of our memories forever; their courage of conviction and their ability to play exactly the right sort of rugby to nullify one of the game's giants...
Roger I. Abrams

Online Fantasy Games are Illegal

Roger I. Abrams | October 6, 2015 | Sports
The outpouring of interest in the two fantasy sports websites demonstrates in a convincing fashion the unmet market for sports gambling. Few are naïve enough to think they win at these games because they are sports aficionados.
Karen Hart

Coach Tom Coughlin, NY Giants Support Families Tackling Childhood Cancer

Karen Hart | October 6, 2015 | Impact
Thanks to the generosity of the many attendees, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation -- Coach Coughlin's charitable organization which helps families financially, emotionally and in practical ways when a child is diagnosed with cancer -- reached its goal of raising $1.5 million.
Jesse Andreozzi

Lack of Pinstripe Pride: CC Sabathia's Rehab Announcement Shows Social Media at its Worst

Jesse Andreozzi | October 6, 2015 | Sports
When you belittle Sabathia himself, safe in the anonymity that the Internet provides, you are truly exposing yourself as a disrespectful coward, hating on someone in the midst of making the toughest decision of their life.
Wayne Coito

Ten Games the Angels Wish They Could Get Back in 2015

Wayne Coito | October 6, 2015 | Sports
With all the organizational hang-ups, the Angels fell just one win short of a tiebreak with the Astros. One. Single. Solitary. Win. Here are the 10 games in 2015 that the Angels wish they could have back.
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