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Stephen Ruderman

Red Sox Dominate Day 2 Of Winter Meetings, Yankees Could Be Next But Are No Match

Stephen Ruderman | December 8, 2016 | Sports
The Boston Red Sox made quite a bit of noise during the second day of Baseball's annual Winter Meetings in National Harbor, Maryland, as they acquired Tyler Thornburg, Chris Sale and Mitch Moreland.
Oli Davis

AJ Styles Moving to WWE RAW!? McMahon Joins Donald Trump Administration... | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis | December 8, 2016 | Sports
AJ Styles moving to WWE RAW? McMahon joins Donald Trump and more in this WrestleTalk News... What do you think about AJ Styles moving to RAW? Tell me that's when they'll draft the rest of the Bullet Club to Smackdown in the comments below.
Oli Davis

WWE Stars Leave Company! Paige Sends Cryptic Tweet While Suspended... | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis | December 8, 2016 | Sports
After a short period of appearing as though the issue was fixed, Twitter's strange technical fault of deleting social media posts made by professional wrestlers is back. The latest victim of the bug is currently suspended WWE superstar Paige. Although she won't be suspended for much longer. Her 60 days are up tomorrow on Friday 9th December, following her second Wellness Policy Violation. But that didn't stop her tweeting: When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason. Always fun haha. You had one day left, Paige. ONE DAY. Of course, that tweet could be nothing about WWE. But because of the time it was posted, and how it was quickly deleted, she's not helping the speculation. When Paige's second violation was announced by WWE - not even a month after her first Wellness Policy Violation suspension had finished - her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, a few members of her family and Paige herself all vented on Twitter that the violation was because she was now seeing a non-WWE doctor about her neck issues, who had prescribed her painkillers. WWE denied this with the statement: "Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury." So WWE claim the violation was from illegal drugs, not anything over-the-counter like painkillers. Even though her suspension is up tomorrow, don't expect to see Paige on WWE TV anytime soon. She's still recovering from her reported neck surgery, so she can't be used in a physical role. It's a shame, as a returning Paige would really freshen up the women's division on Raw. By which I mean, Sasha Banks and Charlotte's feud on Raw. Despite everything that's happened in the ongoing saga of Paige, and it's been a lot over the last several months - with her boyfriend leaving the company, reports she hired legal representation to get out of her contract, two Wellness Policy violations - she's somehow still with WWE. Some speculate that the only reason she hasn't been released is because WWE don't want the PR hassle of firing someone after they've had neck surgery. But two people who are finished with the company are WWE Hall of Famers Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Amy 'Lita' Dumas. Shortly after F4WOnline reported that the two had been removed from their pre-show panel duties - being replaced by Booker T and Charly Caruso in a new, much shorter 10 minute format - it was said that Lawler and Lita had gone from full-time deals to Legends Contracts, where they'd just be brought in for special appearances. That still seems to be the case with Lawler, but according to Jim Ross, who has spoken to Lita: "she's no longer with the company." But don't worry Lita, there is life after Shinsuke Nakamura impersonators! Finn Balor recently bumped into Stu Bennett, the wrestler formerly known as Wade Barrett, and shared this photo on his Instagram. I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS @wwegp @stubennettpics A photo posted by Finn Bálor (@finnbalor) on Dec 7, 2016 at 1:16pm PST I'm afraid I've got some baaaaad neeeeeews, Barrett. WWE are probably going to be in contact about gimmick infringement. What do you think will happen to Paige now her suspension is nearly up? Tell me how she'll probably get suspended again hours into returning in the comments below....
The Conversation Global

Hong Kong coach Chan Yuen-ting's success highlights football's huge gender divide

The Conversation Global | December 8, 2016 | Sports
The story of Chan Yeun-ting's success is widely framed as a major step for women who take on managerial roles in male-dominated sports. Ed Sykes/Reuters Tobias Zuser, Hong Kong Baptist University This year a young female football coach from Hong Kong made history when she...
Laura Goldman

Here's Why An NFL Player Is Promoting C3 De-Escalation Techniques

Laura Goldman | December 8, 2016 | Sports
Running back Matt Forte, currently with the New York Jets football team, previously played 8 seasons for the Chicago Bears. He returned to Chicago on November 18 for the Matt Forte's Get In The Game Teen Summit at Malcolm X...
Oli Davis

Smackdown Plans for Dean Ambrose Revealed? Total Divas Star Shoots on WWE!

Oli Davis | December 7, 2016 | Sports
In this WrestleTalk News episode, have Dean Ambrose's future creative plans on Smackdown been revealed? Total Diva's star Naomi shoots on WWE and a Smackdown tag team breaks up... What did you think of Smackdown Live last night? Tell me how nothing was rawer than Heath and Rhyno breaking up in the comments below. Them...
Lubomir Kavalek

Is Magnus Carlsen A Chess Artist?

Lubomir Kavalek | December 7, 2016 | Sports
Magnus Carlsen became known to the world as a chess artist. Nearly 13 years ago he began a sparkling attacking victory in a Dutch tournament with sacrifices on a single square: first the Bishop, then the Rook. I dubbed him the Mozart of...
Dan Shapiro

Breaking Down UFC 206: Holloway vs. Pettis

Dan Shapiro | December 6, 2016 | Sports
An interim featherweight title fight it is, as Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis headline the UFC 206 fight card this Saturday, December 10, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. And while the main event may not be the originally scheduled title rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson, the...
Richard Crepeau

Sport and Society for Arete -Pearl Harbor-75th Anniversary

Richard Crepeau | December 5, 2016 | Sports
This piece on Pearl Harbor and Baseball was the fifteenth of this series of essays on Sport and Society. It dates from December of 1991 the 50th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and was written as a radio commentary for WUCF-FM an NPR affiliate in Orlando. ...

What Can We Learn From Todd Marinovich?

Quora | December 5, 2016 | Sports
What lessons are there to be learned from the story of Todd Marinovich? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Aaron Ellis, Newsroom editor, former music critic, writer, on
Leigh Steinberg

How To Be A Great Sports Agent--Signing Prospects Part I

Leigh Steinberg | December 5, 2016 | Sports
By: Leigh Steinberg ORIGINAL POST on Ultimately, the definition of a successful sports agent is someone with great clients. Recruiting and signing them is a skill every sports agent must master. Players in college football are coming to decision point this month regarding the agents...
Thomas Lahey

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back For Manchester United

Thomas Lahey | December 5, 2016 | Sports
Another week, another exciting Cup match and yet, another disappointing League draw. There are clear issues at Manchester United. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or if it’s the fact that there are players still in the squad who need to be offloaded (we’ll get to that soon),...
Rocky Lang

My Quest To Get A USPTA Professional Tennis Certification

Rocky Lang | December 5, 2016 | Sports
Yes, I had played tennis at a fairly high level. Yes, I had played tons of matches, hit hundreds of thousands of balls, had been coached by world-class players, but; I had never ever, ever, ever, ever, taught a group tennis lesson.
ric drasin

Old-Time Bodybuilders And Strongmen

ric drasin | December 5, 2016 | Sports
Years ago there were two types of contests, one was weightlifting and the other was bodybuilding. But they never crossed paths.
Stephen Ruderman

Giants interested in Dexter Fowler heading into the Winter Meetings

Stephen Ruderman | December 2, 2016 | Sports
MLB Network insider Jon Heyman tweeted on Thursday that the San Francisco Giants are interested in Free Agent outfielder Dexter Fowler, who was one of the main catalysts for the Chicago Cubs in their first world championship in over a century. Fowler would fit in perfectly with a Giants' offense...
Steve Siebold

Tiger Woods' Return to Professional Golf Could Be Big

Steve Siebold | December 1, 2016 | Sports
It's the day golf fans have been waiting for. Tiger Woods makes his long-awaited return to professional golf today at the Hero World Challenge in The Bahamas. What can we expect? From the sounds of it, we might not have seen the last of Tiger and he could...
Zach Young

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Successfully Defends His Title In Thrilling Finale

Zach Young | December 2, 2016 | Sports
Read More: Chess, Sports News
When the dust had settled at the World Chess Championship in Manhattan on Wednesday night, the expected had happened. In his second defense match since winning the title in 2013, Magnus Carlsen of Norway vanquished the most difficult foe of his still-young chess career: 26 year-old Sergey Karjakin...
Stephen Ruderman

MLB, MLBPA agree to 5-year Collective Bargaining Agreemenmt

Stephen Ruderman | December 1, 2016 | Sports
Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have agreed to a new five-year collective bargaining agreement, which will run through the 2021 season, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, ensuring 26-straight seasons of labor peace in baseball. There are...
Seth Abramson

The Ohio State Buckeyes Are Flagrantly Overrated

Seth Abramson | December 1, 2016 | Sports
Pundits and Ohio State boosters have managed to convince college football fans, cable pundits, and the College Football Playoff committee that the Buckeyes should be the first team ever to not play in a conference championship and make the National Playoff anyway. Good for them. The performance...
Lubomir Kavalek

Birthday Present: Magnus Carlsen Retains The World Chess Title In Style

Lubomir Kavalek | November 30, 2016 | Sports
Breaking news: On his 26th birthday, the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen won the World Championship match against Sergey Karjakin of Russia in New York today. After the classical part of the match ended 6:6, Carlsen dominated the rapid session with the score 3:1 and retained his title. His...
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