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Rachel Khan

In These Troubling Times, Let's Reflect On The Legacy Of Jesse Owens

Rachel Khan | July 28, 2016 | Black Voices
Before each of my races, standing alone on the starting line, waiting for the gunshot, I had Jesse Owens and Berlin on my mind. I would think of the time my own people were banned from the Olympic Stadium, simply for being Jewish.
Sarina Prabasi

Going for Gold: the opportunity in the polluted waters of the Rio Olympics

Sarina Prabasi | July 28, 2016 | Sports
No matter who you are, or where you live, the Olympics hold an inexplicable sort of magic. It's the anticipation, the competition, the excitement of cheering for 'your' team in the company of raucous family, friends and fans. It's the culmination of...
Jamie Spencer

Why It's Wrong to Label Manchester City as Early Premier League Title Favourites

Jamie Spencer | July 27, 2016 | UK Sport
It's perhaps worth noting that Guardiola inherited incredible groups of players of players at both Barcelona and Bayern Munich, tasked simply with adapting the focus and putting his own style and tactics into use. He's never before had a challenge like this one that required real building and that is enough to plant a seed of doubt until results can prove otherwise.
William Morrow

Are We Going Overboard With Olympic Criticisms

William Morrow | July 27, 2016 | Sports
Image Source The Olympic Games, or simply the Olympics, is the world's most respected and leading sports event. Yet, in spite of its esteemed stature, it is often the target of unwarranted criticisms and allegations of corruption. True...
Simon Heseltine

New York Red Bulls 4 - 1 NYC F.C.

Simon Heseltine | July 27, 2016 | Sports
The last time the New York Red Bulls hosted New York F.C. the home team destroyed their star laden visitors 7-0. While the score wasn't as lopsided this time, once the first goal went in, there was no doubt over the eventual winners.
Leigh Steinberg

Should Pro Athletes Speak On Political, Social Issues?

Leigh Steinberg | July 26, 2016 | Sports
Team sports itself provides an admirable model for how a society struggling with racial division can achieve racial harmony. African-Americans, Latinos, Whites and Asians work harmoniously in everyday contact in team sports. They know each other as real people, not stereotypes.
Houston Barber

Atlanta Is The New Cleveland

Houston Barber | July 26, 2016 | Sports
When Mo Speights airballed his fade away three-pointer in the closing seconds of Game 7, it didn't just seal a Cavs victory, but relieved a crushing desperation from a city that has endured a generation of jokes.
Michael Lazar

Patriots Can Still Win With Jimmy Garoppolo In

Michael Lazar | July 26, 2016 | Sports
Brady has given up on fighting his four-game suspension, but it's not the end of things. His beleaguered Patriots team still has plenty of chances to win with seasoned backup Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm. The season opener will take place in Glendale,...
Serge Leshchuk

Someone Tell Derrick Rose What Year This Is

Serge Leshchuk | July 26, 2016 | Sports
While late to the news of Derrick Rose calling the New York Knicks a super team, the weekend was a necessary amount of time allotted to process this.
Maddy Lederman

My Lady Liverpool

Maddy Lederman | July 26, 2016 | Sports
When Jürgen Klopp joined Liverpool Football Club, one supporter got a lot more camera time as the animated manager paced around his box in front of her. "My Lady," I called her. She always wore a red coat, and she was as focused on the match as Klopp was.
ric drasin

The Birth Of World Gym

ric drasin | July 27, 2016 | Sports
Joe Gold, the owner and developer of Gold's Gym had visions way back in the 60's of having his own gym and in 1965 he built his dream gym, which became the Mecca Of Bodybuilding, we know it and we know it as Gold's Gym. 1006 Pacific Street, Venice, CA....
The Conversation US

The Olympics Won't Spread Zika Around The World

The Conversation US | July 26, 2016 | Healthy Living
The controversy over the Olympics should not distract us from the global threat Zika poses. But we should keep fears about the Olympics in perspective. The domestic chaos over Ebola in 2014 is all it takes to remind us what happens when our reactions are guided by fear, rather than by evidence.
Silvia Camporesi

The Solution To Doping Is To Extend The Blame Beyond Athletes

Silvia Camporesi | July 25, 2016 | Sports
Despite continued efforts, the practice of doping persists and seems to be so entrenched in professional sports that no doping sanctions, however harsh, will be able to eradicate it.
Ashley Jude Collie

Adele! An Open Invitation To Music Superstar And Tottenham Girl From L.A. Spurs Supporters Club -- Come Share Some 'Hometown Glory'

Ashley Jude Collie | July 25, 2016 | Sports
"Someone Like You," Adele! Wow, the English Premiership's new season is just around the corner (August 13). And we're so ready for some "football" as NBC Sports gears up to broadcast every single game. Our club Tottenham Hotspur FC will be...
Vince Russo

Raven On Why He Deemed His Career A Failure, And Reby Sky On The Secrets Behind 'The Final Deletion' -- Does Matt Bring 'Broken Matt' Voice Into The Bedroom?!

Vince Russo | July 26, 2016 | Sports
Vince Russo's THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the and, was highlighted this week by my interview with TNA Superstar REBY SKY, and the first part of my discussion with WWE, WCW, TNA & ECW LEGEND, RAVEN! On this week's episode of Vixens...
Zorianna Kit

GBK's Pre-ESPY Awards Gift Lounge

Zorianna Kit | July 24, 2016 | Sports
ESPY award nominees, presenters and other athletes and entertainers came out last week to the Line Hotel for Copper Tires & GBK's 2016 Pre-ESPY Lounge and Poker Tournament benefiting the Animal Wellness Foundation and the LA Clipper Foundation. Odell Beckham Jr., Marcell Dareus...
David Macaray

7 Questions That Need To Be Answered By The NFL

David Macaray | July 22, 2016 | Sports
Even with all the drama that has already been generated in the off-season--from New England's Tom Brady being suspended for an air-pressure infraction, to Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell being suspended for an air-head infraction, to the Dallas Cowboy's Number One draft pick, Ezekiel Elliott, being accused of domestic violence--several pressing questions...
John A. Tures

How The Republican Party Resembles The Cleveland Browns

John A. Tures | July 22, 2016 | Sports
Unless you're old enough to join AARP, you probably don't know that the Cleveland Browns used to be a great football franchise, just as the GOP used to be a dominant political party.
Rhett Grametbauer

Olympic Gold Isn't What It Used To Be

Rhett Grametbauer | July 22, 2016 | Sports
While the value of the precious metals contained within an Olympic medal is perhaps disappointing, Olympic medals have the potential to realize higher prices on the secondary market.
Chris Fici

Among the Thugs Again: When It Goes Off

Chris Fici | July 22, 2016 | Sports
The blokes of English Football Saturday in Bill Buford's Among the Thugs certainly had built what seemed to be a fully functioning, hierarchical, multi-tiered Church and Community behind their devotion to Manchester United or West Ham or Millwall.
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