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Tom Brady Has A Lot To Say About Balls

Kelly Chen | January 22, 2015 | Sports
This could have all been avoided if he just said footballs. On Thursday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady responded to allegations that his team played with deflated footballs in the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts. As he defended his team's innocence, Brady had a...

Here's The 'Deflategate' Cialis Parody You Didn't Know You Needed

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | January 22, 2015 | Sports
When your balls have lost their luster, try Cialis inflate-a-ball. Cialis inflate-a-ball helps invigorate tired, deflated balls, so quarterbacks can throw whenever the moment is right. Side effects may include undeserved wins, out-of-check ego and loss of shirt sleeves, this satirical commercial quips.

Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' Press Conference Was Pretty Hilarious

The Huffington Post | Maxwell Strachan | January 22, 2015 | Sports
"I don't want anyone rubbing them" - Tom Brady on his balls

Charity Ball Founder Ethan King On His Inspiration For Bringing Soccer Balls To Kids Across The World

HuffPost Live | Rahel Gebreyes | January 22, 2015 | Good News
For one 15-year-old, a trip to Mozambique sparked an idea that has impacted children across the developing world. In 2009, Ethan King and his father Brian took a trip to the African country to help increase the availability of clean drinking water. That visit would later inspire King to found...

Hockey Dad Shatters Glass At York Ice Arena

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | January 22, 2015 | Canada
A hockey dad at the York Ice Arena in York, Pa. just made a great case for banning parents from games.

2 Ex-UNC Athletes Sue School, NCAA Over Academic Failures

AP | Alexandra Svokos | January 22, 2015 | College
DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — Two former University of North Carolina athletes have filed a lawsuit against the school and the NCAA, saying neither has done enough to ensure athletes receive a quality education. The lawsuit names former women's basketball player Rashanda McCants and former football player Devon Ramsay as plaintiffs...

Kanye West May Design Washington Wizards' Uniforms, But We Think He Could Change A Lot More

The Huffington Post | Carly Ledbetter | January 22, 2015 | Style
In some of the most unexpected style news as of late, Kanye West might be designing NBA jerseys sometime soon. Kanye's friend, Wale, who, according to Vanity Fair is a "creative liaison" for the Washington Wizards, recently stirred up rumors that West would help design the...

America Is Ready For Gay Professional Athletes

The Huffington Post | Maxwell Strachan | January 22, 2015 | Sports
By and large, America is ready and willing to support gay professional athletes.

Sports Presenter To World's No. 7-Ranked Woman Tennis Player: 'Give Us A Twirl'

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | January 22, 2015 | Women
Canadian player Eugenie Bouchard is ranked #7 in the world for women's tennis, but some people are more interested in her outfit than her game. When reporter Ian Cohen interviewed the 20-year-old after her 6-0, 6-3 win against Kiki Berten at the Australian Open, he decided to...

Pennyslvania Student Likely Died From Chewing Gum In Her Sleep

AP | Tyler Kingkade | January 22, 2015 | College
CALIFORNIA, Pa. (AP) -- A western Pennsylvania university student and basketball player likely inhaled chewing gum into her lungs while asleep before being found dead in her dormitory over the weekend. The Washington County coroner's office said 21-year-old Shanice Clark of Toronto was found unresponsive at about 3 a.m. Sunday...

1 in 4 Americans Believe God Will Decide Who Wins The Super Bowl

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | January 22, 2015 | Religion
Is the Super Bowl divinely rigged? One in four Americans say yes, according to a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Religion News Service. Twenty-six percent of Americans and 27 percent of self-described sports fans believe God plays a role in determining which...

Harry Reid Won't Rule Out Suing Exercise Equipment Maker Over His Injury

Michael McAuliff | January 22, 2015 | Politics
WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday made his first public media appearance since an exercise mishap left him with a severely injured eye and four broken ribs. Reid had been working out with resistance bands in his new home earlier this month when one snapped, injuring...

ESPN Sues University Of Notre Dame For Police Records Involving Student Athletes

AP | Tyler Kingkade | January 22, 2015 | College
SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) -- ESPN has filed a lawsuit against University of Notre Dame, alleging the school is violating Indiana's public record laws by withholding police incident reports about possible campus crimes involving certain student-athletes. The lawsuit filed Jan. 15 on behalf of ESPN and its reporter Paula Lavigne...

This Extreme Endurance Icon Ran 95 Miles In 24 Hours Wearing A Wetsuit

Nico Pitney | January 22, 2015 | Sports
Simply finishing the World's Toughest Mudder is a feat of physical and mental ferocity. It's a contest for athletes "who find marathons too easy and triathlons meh," merging extreme endurance with severe military-style obstacle courses. Ryan Atkins of Toronto won the World's Toughest Mudder in 2013. He...

'Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL' Returns For 2015, And All Dez Bryant Wants Are Some Funyuns

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | January 22, 2015 | Sports
Remember that time the Patriots found a mouse in their locker room, but the team wouldn't let Tom Brady cook it? We don't either, because that only happened in an alternate universe concocted by the twisted geniuses behind Bad Lip Reading, who released their NFL 2015 edition Thursday....

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans Place Superhero-Sized Super Bowl Bet

Ryan Grenoble | January 22, 2015 | Impact
If you're going to bet on the Super Bowl, why not make it a superwager? Not "super" in the sense of exorbitant and unreasonable -- "super" as in superhero. That's the kind of bet Patriots-loving "Captain America" star Chris Evans found himself roped into after taunting fellow actor Chris Pratt...

Friskies' Super Bowl Ad Has Cats Hilariously Explaining Human Behavior During The Game

Ron Dicker | January 22, 2015 | Sports
The commercial, which Friskies made with Buzzfeed, is intended to be "kitten-sized" for the Super Bowl on Feb. 1.

Richard Sherman: No One Will Be Suspended For 'Deflategate,' But My Teammate Would Be For Gold Shoes?

Maxwell Strachan | January 22, 2015 | Sports
"They were trying to suspend Marshawn for gold shoes and [deflating the ball] really affects the game."

Bill Belichick Denies Deflating Footballs

Benjamin Hart | January 22, 2015 | Sports
In a brief statement Thursday morning, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick denied knowing anything about deflated footballs that the Patriots allegedly used during their AFC championship game with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Belichick, who did not take questions, said he was "shocked"...

Russell Westbrook Hit A Beautiful Game-Winning Layup With 0.8 Seconds Left Last Night

Maxwell Strachan | January 22, 2015 | Sports
We especially like the little skip at the end.
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