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Sramana Mitra
Sramana Mitra is the founder of One Million by One Million (1M/1M), a global virtual incubator that aims to help one million entrepreneurs globally to reach $1 million in revenue and beyond. She is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant, she writes the blog Sramana Mitra On Strategy, and is author of the Entrepreneur Journeys book series and Vision India 2020. From 2008 to 2010, Mitra was a columnist for Forbes. As an entrepreneur CEO, she ran three companies: DAIS, Intarka, and Uuma. She has a master's degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Entries by Sramana Mitra

Why Not All Private Unicorns Will Become Public Unicorns

(0) Comments | Posted January 21, 2015 | 12:58 AM


We're in yet another tech bubble led by Silicon Valley's marvelous froth machine. However, this time, the bubble is constrained to two parts of the market, and thankfully, both are private.

One: Late stage, over-valued, over-hyped venture-funded still private startups. The ones among...

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Bootstrapped Unicorns

(0) Comments | Posted January 12, 2015 | 1:58 PM


In the fall of 2007, I met Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, for the first time. At that time, no one had heard of him. He was flying under the radar of Silicon Valley. Sridhar had a small network management tools business that...

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Do You Agree With Peter Thiel?

(1) Comments | Posted December 23, 2014 | 12:44 PM

I don't. On a number of issues. Most of all: Don't play little ball -- swing for home runs.

Over 99 percent of the businesses that seek financing get rejected. Asking every entrepreneur to swing for the fences is dumb advice, in...

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Seed Investors in India: Why So Few?

(0) Comments | Posted December 23, 2014 | 11:22 AM


The seed capital ecosystem in India is a real bottleneck right now. There are no more than a couple of hundred seed investments that are happening a year. Even if the number doubles this year, it is still a terribly inadequate number to...

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10 Trends in Content Marketing

(0) Comments | Posted December 11, 2014 | 12:24 PM


We're not too far from a world where Content represents the Brand.

Brands, therefore, are trying to develop good content, and engage audiences by getting them to read/view their branded content.

Here are 10 trends in content marketing that marketers should keep track...

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Indian Venture Capital: Age of Reckoning

(0) Comments | Posted December 8, 2014 | 11:41 AM


Ashish Gupta left Silicon Valley to partake in the bonanza that venture capital in India was supposed to create. He founded Helion Capital, a $605 million fund that has been in business for a while.

The style of venture capital that Ashish and...

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5 Ways Platform Ecosystems Will Shrink

(0) Comments | Posted November 17, 2014 | 10:21 AM


I found the recent Developer Economics survey results astonishing. VentureBeat published an article titled: 10,000-developer survey: 2 percent of coders split staggering 54% of all app revenue. Here are some snippets:

A new 10,000-developer survey by Developer...
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Paycheck Financing: A Great Way to Bootstrap Your Startup

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2014 | 10:50 AM


Entrepreneurs looking to launch their startups are often faced with myriad difficult decisions, chief among them being the question of seed financing. If you've ever found yourself asking, "How can I fund this?" or "Can I fund this on my own, while I'm...

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Mompreneurs Love to Sell Baby Products

(0) Comments | Posted November 7, 2014 | 2:00 PM


The e-commerce model of business allows women entrepreneurs to have greater flexibility in their lives. That is probably why we see several mompreneurs launching home-based businesses, and some of them scale to much bigger outfits. Of particular significance are mompreneurs selling baby products...

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Entrepreneur Dysfunctions in Cartoons: Age Bias

(0) Comments | Posted November 3, 2014 | 11:13 AM


Is there an age bias in Silicon Valley? Perhaps.

It is true that all the entrepreneurs who have built major breakthrough technology companies have been very young. Apple, Microsoft, Netscape, Google, Facebook -- all were founded by entrepreneurs in their twenties (or teens).

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Zero-Logistics E-Commerce Businesses Kick Ass

(0) Comments | Posted October 28, 2014 | 12:36 PM


A key factor for the success of an e-commerce business is the management of inventory and logistics. Especially for bootstrapping companies, this could be a major challenge. One way to work around this challenge is be a zero-logistics company. Shoplet, eComfort, and Car...

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The 10 New Trends in Corporate Innovation Management

(0) Comments | Posted October 24, 2014 | 1:58 PM


Last year, we launched a program called the 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box. Part of its goal has been to stimulate corporate innovation and intrapreneurship. It has exposed us to a broad range of technology companies and their innovation goals, strategies, and processes. While most of...

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Obsession With Free

(0) Comments | Posted October 22, 2014 | 12:21 PM


The Internet is full of people who expect that everything should be free. In economics, this phenomenon is referred to as the Free Rider Problem: when people consume value without paying their fair share. Obviously, some people DO pay their fair share. This...

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India's Unicorn Company Aims High

(0) Comments | Posted October 20, 2014 | 12:43 PM


We discussed in an earlier Unicorn post that emerging markets can offer tremendous opportunities to build significant businesses if investors are willing to be patient, which they are not known to be. Let's look at India's e-commerce market as a case study.


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Concept vs. Business Funding

(0) Comments | Posted October 14, 2014 | 9:39 AM


By now, I think I have got through to you: Investors fund businesses, not concepts.

So how do you actually build a business without funding?

Let me introduce you to five entrepreneurs who can show you how:


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From eBay Seller to $20 Million Revenue Business

(1) Comments | Posted October 13, 2014 | 10:44 AM


Back in the days of Web 1.0, eBay kicked off the trend for online marketplaces in the world of electronic commerce. Since then, many ultra-light startups have mushroomed that focus on niche segments. Ultra-light startups have become a key trend in the e-commerce...

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The Silicon Valley Party Scene

(0) Comments | Posted October 10, 2014 | 6:07 PM


There are, really, two Silicon Valleys.

One, that has a rollicking social life, lots of parties, lots of fun.

The second, however, is a relatively tame world where entrepreneurs put their heads down and work. 16 hour days. Juggling large To Do Lists...

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Paradigm Shift

(0) Comments | Posted October 8, 2014 | 10:48 AM


Well, did you Google it?

Definition of 'Business Model'

The plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations. The model includes the components and functions of the business, as well as the revenues it generates and the...

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Deconstructing The Cloud

(1) Comments | Posted October 3, 2014 | 12:11 PM


At the turn of the millennium, a new form of computing swept over the world.

Netscape went public in 1995, heralding the birth of technology's most exciting gilded age. David Einstein of The San Francisco Chronicle had interviewed John Doerr, General Partner of...

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Who Makes More Money?

(0) Comments | Posted September 29, 2014 | 12:33 PM


Jim and Sarah's conversation above is a very common conversation among entrepreneurs.

Next time, you encounter an entrepreneur who brags about how much money he has raised, ask a follow-on question: How much ownership do you have left in the company?

As a...

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