7 Brain-Based Ways to Relieve Stock Market Anxiety

07/20/2010 10:31 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

If you are one of those people whose peace of mind is tied to the degree of fluctuation in financial markets, it is important to recognize that the fears that underlie your mind's volatility can wreak havoc on your life. To that extent, it is important for us to be aware that if your money is tied to ups and downs in the market, that this will likely cause significant internal perturbation and discomfort. Apart from holding on tight and just dealing with the volatility as it arises, what are some concrete steps that you can take to overcome the fears associated with market volatility?

While there is little that will make you entirely comfortable during volatile times, these simple check-ins may be helpful to you at when things are volatile in the financial markets. Keep them by your side whenever you think that things are a little too turbulent to remind yourself that "volatile markets" do not equal "volatile minds."