Mastery of Martial Arts in Sports and Life

06/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Stacey Nemour Black belt in Kung Fu, highly-respected martial artist

Surrendering all to God is a powerful and swift path to a new way of being in the world. To do this correctly you must align oneself with the highest energy field possible: "Divine Love."

Being a professional martial artist has taught me that the mind really controls the body.
I was always very flexible coming from a gymnastics and dance background. However, learning and acquiring stand-up flexibility and strength required for doing the kicks straight up didn't come right away.

For years I would visualize exactly the way the kicks and moves would look like, feel like and saw my leg popping up effortlessly over and over until I became the move.

After I had the foundation down, intuition started to show me precisely how to get there. What started to happen after this break through is that all the right teachers showed up at the perfect times needed at that exact point on my journey.

One just doesn't need to discipline the body, one needs to watch very carefully over the mind, which can be a run-a-way train. If you don't focus your consciousness while programming for success, it's easy to intermittently slip back into old programming. This sets up a cross-current: the Universe is getting mixed signals and therefore you experience chaotic, sporadic results.

By letting go and letting God take over, a feeling a freedom starts to occur.

Freedom to be your authentic self.

Freedom to radiate beauty and health at all times.

Freedom to use all your highest gifts and talents to be of service.

Freedom to be in relationships with an overflowing, open trusting hearts.

Freedom to be aligned with financial health and wellness

Freedom to not be at the mercy to the world , but transmute everything that happens into the Most High Good.

I have learned the hard way in my younger years about obsessing and trying to force things to happen. By doing this I unknowingly created resistance to what I would be trying to manifest. You see, my ego believed it did the work and had the power to make it happen, that I was separate from everything and what I desired was "out there."

This created a pattern of defeat, having to re-do and experience things over and over until each time the message from the Universe got stronger and stronger. Through intense pain. I finally started to get the message loud and clear. All upsets are spiritual in nature and are coming up to be healed.

One day during meditation I asked what was the blockage? Then I heard a voice on the inside of myself so crystal clear there could be no mistaking it. "You must surrender to us, we have seen how hard you have worked and we want you to have every good thing."

That moved me to my core. I cried tears of relief. I changed my belief system to- I am one with God, heaven is with-in and love is the answer. I decided to be a lover and supporter of all life. My energy shifted and the adventure started...

A good way to begin this process is to start meditation with "I surrender all to God ( Higher Power or any of the great Avatars), The Source of my being, My Most High Good and that is all there is"

By releasing everything to God that you feel an attachment to outcome to and start to ask "Thy Will Father not Mine" Realize this loving power wants what's only what is best for you and knows even better than you what's going to serve you best. Asking for Divine Right Action and Divine Right Outcome for the most high good of all involved seems to work like magic.

This past year I experienced an incredibly sharp pain every time I pivoted on my foot to do a
really high roundhouse and side kick. For six months, I was training around it and could do it if I held onto a ballet bar. Then during mediation I had the realization. "This is not who I am. I am here to serve God through my Kung Fu. These kicks is to be shared with whomever may Benefit from seeing it performed properly. This is not the truth about me. God is in me if perfect, complete and whole; so my health and martial arts is perfect, complete and whole."

I then intensely visualized myself kicking effortlessly the way I had for many years. This guided me to create a stretch to exactly release that muscle. Now I perform these kicks even better than before, with no pain what so ever!

This way of visualizing and programming can be applied to every area of your life.
God gave us the gift of free will. Don't give your power of choice away to the world that is already created. Create your own world!