05/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Meditation Made Easy Part 3: Releasing

The most practical application of prayer and meditation is to carry it over into daily life by:

1.Taking care of the things that you do have control over.
2. Being grateful for all the good that is showing up for you
3. Treating all living things with kindness and compassion, including yourself.
4. Surrendering the rest.

Our circumstances are a mirror of our deeply held beliefs, daily choices, self esteem and our dominant mental states.

If your place, car and office space are in chaos it's incredibly empowering to get a handle on that! One feels an immediate swift and huge release when a clean vibration of beauty, balance, order, harmony is established in your all areas of your life.

As Katherine Ponder writes, a good meditation for this is:

"I now relax and let God (or your higher self, or any of the great Avatars you relate to the most) handle all my affairs. I now release all worn-out conditions, negative beliefs, material things, and any toxic relationships that no longer serve my highest good. I gave thanks that Perfect Divine Order, and Harmony is now established in every area of my life"

I always prided myself that my place was clean. In spite of all my rescued animals, visitors always commented how nice it smelled and appeared. That was until the man in my life at the time came into town to stay with me.

One day I came home to find a bunch of old furniture and other household items moved outside my front door. He told me it was odd that I kept my place so clean but there was a mountain of clutter in my cupboards, closets, and drawers. Also, he pointed out the tangled cords and dust bunnies behind the entertainment center.

Instead of being upset about his criticism, I saw it as a great opportunity for growth and was ready to go there.

We spent the weekend making many trips to the dumpster, rearranging and making my place as nice as it could possibility be.

When he left town, I continued the mission. My final area to work on was the kitchen ... I had a cupboard full of boxes I used to rescue injured animals, another full of stacks and stacks of paperwork. I came across 15 year old deals and contracts that never happened; I started to feel nauseous but pressed on. Finally that evening the kitchen was all was cleared out.

I was about to do my evening gratitude prayer but I felt extremely venerable without the padding of clutter, as if being nude in public. Then, like a film, all the years I had thrown away started to play back. I cried it out. Then the pain from the years vanished and I felt light and incredibly free.

Now that a space had been created, it quickly became filled with new happy experiences, projects and people.

That same type of shift and great feeling of relief has come for me also by releasing unhealthy draining relationships, untrustworthy business partnerships and lovers.

There's a difference between challenging relationships and situations we are to work through for our growth. When we avoid and don't do the inner-work to get aligned with-in ourselves to create harmony in our relationships, one will kept attracting more of the same.

I am talking about releasing situations that give us a really bad feeling in the pit of stomach and the vibration is low and it creates negativity in every area of your life.

I have heard Dr. Wayne Dryer say "We don't solve our problems we outgrow them."

Sometimes it best to let go of the lesser so we can make a space for the greater good!