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Stacey Newman
Now in her 3rd term, Rep. Stacey Newman has represented the St. Louis County district since November 2009 when she was first elected to the Missouri State House. Her focus is on Equality and Justice: fighting for common sense gun violence prevention, reproductive justice, voter's rights, and equality rights.

One of her first tasks in office was resurrecting the House Progressive Caucus (dormant since 2002), which she chairs. Working closely with Progress Missouri, she re-energized the largest Democratic caucus into a powerhouse pushing back against the leadership’s extreme legislative agenda. In addition she founded and co-directs, a national blog highlighting the "war on women".

Most recently Stacey introduced HB1397 to overwhelming national support, requiring gun purchasers in Missouri to follow similar abortion restrictions - including a 72 hour wait and a doctor's permission.

Stacey first became involved politically after the Columbine High School and Los Angeles day care shootings when her daughter, Sophie, then age 7, appeared on the national Rosie O'Donnell show in May 2000 talking about kids and guns. She has been a leader in the state in preventing gun violence since 2000 when Rep. Newman worked closely with Governor Holden and the Million Mom March for three years to stop Missouri's conceal and carry law. Stacey is part of the effort in Congress and state legislatures to pass universal firearm background checks, sponsoring the Missouri Background Check Bill.

Stacey also made national news in 2012 when she filed the anti-vasectomy bill fighting back against Missouri's War on Women. After being one of the “Silenced Seven” Democratic women who were ignored on the House Floor while standing 3 hours to speak during a birth control access debate, she decided to fight back. Her bill would require government interference for men who wish to have a vasectomy and garnered nationwide support.

Stacey is a consistent champion for women – defending attacks on reproductive rights, equal pay and violence against women in the legislature. She sponsors the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies/Birth Control Protections Act, the Pay Equity Bill and legislation requiring pharmacies to fill birth control. In 2011 Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster named Stacey to his statewide Domestic Violence Taskforce which culminated in new domestic violence statutes.

Since first elected, Stacey has been the leader in the legislature fighting voter suppression. Serving as the ranking Democratic member on the House Elections Committee, she is vocal and aggressive - fighting against yearly Republican efforts which would require photo identification and prevent over 250,000 registered Missourians from voting.

Prior to running for office, Rep. Newman was the Missouri Women’s Vote Director for the Democratic National Party and the Missouri Democratic Party. Stacey was also the founding member/executive director for both Harriett’s List PAC (named after Missouri's first woman Lt. Governor Harriett Woods) and the Missouri Women’s Coalition PAC – both dedicated to electing progressive women to legislative office and influencing the women’s vote.

Her first career was with Trans World Airlines for 14 years working as an inflight service manager out of St. Louis, Chicago and New Orleans on domestic and international flights before taking an early retirement in 1992. Stacey lives in Richmond Heights with her husband, Burt Newman, an attorney in Clayton. Their family includes Sophie, now a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City; two sons and four grandchildren.

Entries by Stacey Newman

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For gun violence survivors, this past week was momentous. Many around the country who have become accidental activists joined President Obama at the White House as he signed executive orders enforcing federal firearm background checks. They joined him again at his nationally televised town hall in Virginia where he explained...

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This past week I was privileged to be part of a meeting hosted by Washington University in St. Louis Chancellor Mark Wrighton. The gathering of over 50 community leaders was part of Washington University's year long dedicated initiative through their Institute of Public...

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When I was nine years old, I asked why my older brother got the fun chores like mowing the grass instead of having to do the hated dishes every night like me. I was told he's a "boy", like that was supposed to make sense. Then in college, I was...

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The Missouri Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt

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Although this is my birthday week when I should be indulging in relaxation and excess chocolate, I can't stop thinking about the horrendous seven-hour hearing to "investigate" Planned Parenthood this past week in the Missouri Capitol. But mostly, I can't stop thinking about women who would be hurt if the...

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Negotiating a Good Iran Deal

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The United States, its international partners, and Iran will soon likely reach a final agreement to limit Tehran's nuclear program. Judging by the framework reached in April in Lausanne, Switzerland, the finalized deal will not only greatly enhance American and regional security by preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon,...

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How to Stop the Carnage

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Americans are safe at:

a) movie theaters
b) elementary and high schools
c) military bases
d) places of worship
e) colleges
f) none of the above

Yet most of us are silent as one more senseless mass shooting traumatizes a community, this time in South...

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Celebrating Mother's Day and the 15th Anniversary of the Million Mom March

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Exactly 15 years ago, I helped organize a 60-member St. Louis delegation sponsored by my synagogue, Congregation Temple Israel, attending the historic Million Mom March in Washington D.C. on Mothers Day, 2000. We were all ages -- from grade schoolers to retirees.

Many of us had spent hours...

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Things You Can Do to Stop Gun Violence

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Like me, you may feel like there's nothing that can be done to stop the carnage of gun violence -- particularly with the body count of our children rising each day.

This past weekend in St. Louis two little boys, ages 2 and 4, were hit by gunfire in two...

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No 'Little Kid Lobby' in Missouri

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My floor speech this week against Missouri's "Most Extreme Gun Bill in the Country", the second year in a row, MO HB1439. Listen HERE.


Exactly 14 years ago my first grade daughter went on national TV and talked about going to school and...

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Last week, a St. Louis-based KSDK-TV reporter caused an hour-long lockdown at Kirkwood High School in his attempts to "test" school security. He failed initially to acknowledge his identity and the station, after repeated calls from the school's communications officer, refused to confirm he was their employee. The...

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One Year Ago This Week

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Normally we choose to celebrate anniversaries. In Judaism, celebrations are referred to as "simchas," the Hebrew word for "gladness" or "joy."

December 14, 2012 was definitely not a "simcha" but a date which we must never forget.

It is a day when most of us can recall exactly where we...

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Gun Nullification Bill Again in Missouri?

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In a version of the movie, Groundhog Day, a repeat of last session's gun nullification bill is being proposed for 2014 by Missouri State Sen. Ron Richard (R-Joplin).

Rather than addressing the rising gun violence in our communities, Sen. Richard advocates another draft of Missouri's "worst gun bill in...

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Response to My Colleague on 'Hitler' Argument

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Dear Missouri State Rep. Holly Rehder,

Last week you issued a public statement to your constituents regarding Missouri Governor Nixon's stance on House Bill 253, which we may come up for an override on September 11.

You wrote,

"My degree is in Public Relations and one...
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Imagine All the People

(30) Comments | Posted August 5, 2013 | 1:56 PM

Almost every week a child is shot in St. Louis, often making the front page of the local paper. Gunshot victims are routinely admitted to the hospital right next door to my home. This is the neighborhood where I live.

Emergency room doctors urge us to remove firearms from our...

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