10/10/2011 08:27 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Cleaning Tip: Tackle Greeting Cards Now

Flickr photo by Muffet

A cleaning tip from Stylelist Home's cleaning and organizing experts Stacey Platt and Sarah Hayon of DwellWell NYC.

There are two categories of greeting cards. The ones you receive and the ones you plan to give.

The ones you receive: Save only cards with real sentimental value to you. Toss cards from your newspaper delivery boy and dentist, then sort the rest by sender (e.g., "spouse," "kids," and "friends & family"). Invest in a few matching colored boxes, label them, and stack them on a shelf out in the open so it's easy to file the keepers away.

The ones you give: Buying cards in advance of birthdays and holidays can save you the stress of having to pick one up at the last minute. In order to locate what you need when the time comes, make a greeting card organizer. Buy a three-ring binder and insert heavyweight, top-loading, clear plastic sheet protectors. Use tab dividers to delineate card categories such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well, sympathy, thank you, various holidays, and blank cards. Insert new cards in the respective sheet protectors so you have an organized stash when occasions arise. Label the spine and store the binder on a shelf. Another option is a "card catalog" with dividers to separate by category.

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