09/23/2015 09:13 am ET | Updated Sep 23, 2016

Why You Need to De-clutter Your Desk


Fall is back to business season. It's the perfect time to refocus your mind on your work and business and improve so that you can be more productive and profitable. One of the main ways to ensure increase productivity is by de-cluttering your workspace. Over time it's really easy to accumulate a lot of paper and clutter in your desk and around your work area. After a while all of those things that clutter your desk will also contribute to cluttering your mind and lower your productivity.

It is so crucial to keep your workspace orderly and free from clutter. Why? Because this is the place where you go to work, to create, to produce, to make money.

When you're trying to make something big happen, clearing the clutter is a sign that you're ready for prosperity and productivity in your life. When you de-clutter, you create a vacuum for new things in your life by clearing out the old. Things that are used up, no longer relevant and taking up space have to go so that the next big thing can come in.

Know that order precedes increase. Start by cleaning and organizing your desk surface, drawers and files. Eliminate anything that is no longer needed. The more order that you create for yourself, the more you will find clarity, answers and direction toward reaching your goals. It will be much easier to focus in on making daily progress.

Create a strategy to clear the clutter around you, and then, just as important, to maintain a clutter-free desk and work area. Doing this well help you think more soundly about accomplishing your daily to-do list.

One thing to try is cleaning your desk every day for five minutes. Since it's a fairly small space, you can create a sense of order and harmony just by taking five minutes a day to tidy it up. An ideal time to do this is at the end of your work day -- that way, you will be walking into a neat environment the next day and can get right to work with no distractions.

Add excellence to your space by keeping it in order. Clearing the clutter adds harmony, makes your desk aesthetically pleasing and creates an environment conducive to creative thinking. The more welcoming your environment, the more you will produce there.

Surround your work space with eye candy by adding fresh flowers, air fresheners and opening the blinds to let in the sunlight. Update a drab workspace by designating a "spring cleaning" day at least once per quarter. On that day, clean and reorganize your entire office. Rearrange furniture or add a new piece; fix anything that is broken; clean the carpet or add a new welcome mat. Buy new file folders and color-coordinated desk accessories to spruce things up. Your environment speaks to you. Refreshing the area seasonally can boost your creativity and productivity.

Choose a color scheme for your desk area based on what coordinates with the rest of your office so it is pleasing to the eye. Also, remember that colors can evoke a certain mood. For instance, yellow is cheery, orange is energizing, blues and greens are calming. When choosing pops of color to add to your desk and workspace, keep in mind the type of energy or mood you want the space to have.

It's key to have motivators around you, too. Whether they are Success Stickies or Goal Cards, make sure to include something that will inspire and motivate you further toward your goals every time you look at it. Write a few positive affirmations and post them up, along with a couple photos of yourself accomplishing your goal for inspiration.

Overall when it comes to de-cluttering your desk, the key is getting rid of anything that's not helping you move closer to your goals, and bringing in the tools, props and accessories that will help you focus on staying on target with your daily goals. The more inviting your space is, the more you will want to be in it and the more you can get done -- ultimately leading to increased earnings and greater fulfillment.