11/07/2011 05:44 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim,

There is no doubt you are a hopeless romantic, you love falling in love, the same way your family loves a good cover photo. I believe you when you say you thought this marriage was forever, except for the fact that I also think you knew far before your wedding day that you were just not that into him (hello those dogs on your pretty bed? Never going to happen.)
But you forged ahead, because you had already signed on the dotted line and the train had already left the building and you're a people pleaser. Public commitment sucks.

I have always given you credit, well actually, I give Mama Kris props for taking your little sex video and manipulating the public to catapult your bank account to the zillions. There's no fault in solid, good business, but this whole wedding, relationship and divorce shenanigan -- this is where we need to have a little talk.

I have so many less than lady like things I want to say about you, but I've decided to leave the name calling to all the not so happy people who have said you're a shallow, overrated, attention seeking, sad, pathetic, pointless, money hungry human. People are not being very nice, but we live in America, so we have to let the people say what they need to, to get through it.

I think it's safe to assume, the only thing that is on your mind right now is how you're going to ride the wave of a PR crisis that mommy got you into; so while Mama Kris figures out how she's going to get you out of this and make 37 million while doing so, I'm going to give you a handful of other things to think about.

1. The 400 people who drove to Santa Barbara in LA traffic, many of those people had to get babysitters and rearrange their lives to watch your pretty fantasy spill out in black and white and roses; you sort of owe them babysitting and hotel money, it's the least you can do.

2. You received millions of dollars from E! For the rights to air your farce of a fabulous, over-the-top wedding and yet, we still can't get gay marriage legalized. If you have one ounce of integrity, I challenge you with all my being, to donate half of that fee you received towards the mission to get gay marriage legalized. I don't even care about what state you do it in, just do it.

3. The wedding vendors who worked their asses off to make your perfect fantasy come to life and got paid zero in hopes to use your wedding to move their business forward, well, you might want to go ahead pay them for their stellar services; it's the polite and proper thing to do. Oh, and, if they won't take your money, because they're ass kissers, I have a whole list of friends who run charities who will be happy to accept your donation in lieu of the 20 million in free products and services you received. Tweet me, I'll send you their contact info.

4. If you're wondering what do about that 20.5-carat ring, that little bling would do miracles for the LAUSD and help thousands of children get a better education. Just think about it, you could make change happen in your own backyard. What a concept, right? My educator husband will be happy to help guide you in this area. Tweet me, I'll re-tweet it to him.

5. While your image and "brand" pushes sex to the millionth degree, my friends Alison, Aleda, Maria and Barbara see, treat and refer about 62,400 women a year in Haiti who are affected by gender based violence through They built an itty-bitty clinic that is more powerful than any magazine cover. Imagine what you could do for these women, with just the cost of catering from your wedding -- now that's a cover story.

I think you get where I am going with all this.

Put down the Blackberry, add an "out of the country" signature on your Twitter account, tell mama Kris to back the hell up and get your ass out of Tinseltown.

Be bold, be independent and surprise yourself and everyone else around you. Book a one-way solo ticket to a third world country and get some real life experience and perspective, you need it. It's time to reach far and deep into your soul and see some things you need to see and create a vision of who you want to be as a woman. This is what Oprah might call your defining moment -- which path are you going to choose?

Go, sit in the uncomfortable. Dare to become a woman who stands for something and become someone who gives back and inspires young women to be something unique and spectacular; be known for creating good versus empty and predictable.

Go. Be authentic.

This whole famous for nothing and living your life out loud on television with no true purpose other than cash and fame is not what your father would have wished for you.

You have to know when to say when, and when is right now.

After a very bad break up, Stacie Krajchir-Tom left her life behind for 60 days up to volunteer in Thailand after the Asian tsunami. She was so inspired by her experience; she created and launched The See & Sprout Project (