12/01/2006 04:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We Pray for Virgins, Too

Excuse me as I take this moment to make the political personal.

When I think about Obama-love, I am reminded of the lover test.

What is the lover test, you ask? Well, whenever I had feelings for a man, I told him about my romantic past. I talked about cheating, mistakes, things I did wrong, things they did wrong. I shared writing that was autobiographical. I'm sure in some "Rules" book these are all big No-Nos. But I wanted to be upfront early about all my down and dirty details, so that he would understand me better (and know what he was getting into), and maybe, just maybe, he would understand how each character strength comes with a matching flaw.

Now, you know that many people can't handle the truth. Especially when you're a woman revealing yourself to a man. I've found that many young men would like someone as holy and beautiful as possible, more like a gilded icon on the wall than a fully-fleshed human being.

So a lover must decide: stick with the complicated, honest girl, or look for someone more untouched by life's experience.

With disgust, I think back to 1999. I remember my ex-boyfriend Jonathan writing me from England, saying he read about this interesting young Governor from Texas. He seemed to be progressive for a Republican. And I wrote him back, yes, he doesn't seem so bad as far as Republicans go.

Come on. There must be a few of you out there who for a few awful moments allowed yourselves to be lead through fantasy land.

I have excuses, of course. We knew so little about Gov. Bush back then. Until Texas reporters filled us in, he was a blank slate onto whom we could project our hopes and dreams. I'll always be a Democrat, but for the good of the country, I hoped that if a Republican did win, that at least he would be a moderate.

I see how far that thinking goes.

Here we are again, in love with a virgin. Put his portrait on the wall, next to Martin, next to Jack. I'll admit it. I'm finding myself seduced, too. Seduced by all the glorious possibility, like so much smoke, before the show has even begun to start.

But please ask yourself, why do we turn away from those who have knowledge and experience? Do we really need to send an unstained virgin to the White House?

Few of us would past that test. And really, why should we?