10/15/2007 06:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Emergency Wormcasting Network

One of our spare time (ho ho, ha ha) projects around here has been the notion of a radical radio talk show focused on our pet obsessions at Feral Scholar and Insurgent American: permaculture and resistance.

We'd like to encourage the readership to visit the link for the pilot segment of the Emergency Wormcasting Network. This thread is open for comments and feedback (link to original below). What are your thoughts? Should we add more footnotes?

Some leading questions... Is "internet radio" a valuable medium for reaching people either (a) outside the time window they are generally able to spend online, by downloads played through iPods or similar devices, (b) outside the demographic of habitual blog readers/posters? Is there any additional value to the spoken word over formatted text on a screen? Is the content of this first segment interesting enough that it would motivate you to listen to another one? Is the presentation engaging enough to keep your attention as a listener? Does the format (interview style) work? What other topics would make good EWN segments?

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