The Xenophobe

05/16/2006 07:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There was a sign near the Arizona border during a demonstration of white people against brown people. It said, "Mr. President: Put Lou Dobbs in charge of immigration policy."

Apparently The Idiot Prince did just that.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why there is not a national campaign to have CNN jettison Lou Dobbs, the racist demagogue who is leading a national charge to make undocumented workers the Jews of the Amerikan Reich. I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting...


I can find over 130,000 hits on Google if I input "lou dobbs racist". But no campaign to stop this puffed-up, self-important, lilly-white piece of xenophobic shit from retaining a platform before half a million people to engage in thinly-coded hate speech. And the last thing I care about here is some lame-ass argument about free speech. Lou Dobbs is paid mad money by a huge multinational corporation, and they change what they are going to say all the time in the face of political pressure -- ususally from the Pentagon, but that's another story.

A letter campaign to CNN, a "Lou Dobbs is a racist turd" cluster-blog campaign, demonstrations outside the Atlanta offices of CNN, boycotts... something. Damn.

This guy is an archetypal fascist... upper middle-class origins, masculinist, populist-posing, nativist, and a sower of racial paranoia. "Alien Invasion," he says with studied outrage, referring, of course... to people. Desperate people, with a lot of indigenous blood (that means their ancestors were actually born here before yours came, Lou), who were lashed north by economic conditions created directly by American foreign policies.

If you want to know why there are National Guards about to stand around along the US-Mexican border, don't ask George W. Bush. He ran from this issue like it was a big Rottweiller. Lou Dobbs created this obscenity; and it's past time for people to call his dough-boy-lookin' ass on this shit.

We just had an unprecedented immigrant uprising in this country. Maybe it's time for a Latino boycott of anything advertized on CNN until this parochial popinjay is handed his walking papers. Time to call stockholders, the CEOs of advertizers; time to mount a general anti-CNN campaign (they've deserved it for a while).

This pasty prick actually posed for photographs with the Minutemen, a motley collection of weekend vigilantes who started hanging around the Arizona-Mexico border with binoculars and rifles, whose speech is littered with the memes of white supremacy. Dobbs brought Jim Gilchrist -- the Minutemen's founder -- on his CNN program as an unopposed guest.

Since then, [wiki quote] On April 20, 2006, Gilchrist and the Minutemen Project issued a public ultimatum to Bush to "declare a state of emergency and deploy the National Guard and military reserves (and begin building a border security fence) by the 25th of May." If the President refuses to do so, "on Memorial Day weekend, we're going to break ground and we're going to start helping landowners (along the US-Mexico border) to build a double layer security fence along their properties, because the federal government refuses to protect them" [end quote]

Gilchrist ordered the Prez to deploy the NGs, AND BUSH DID IT. Without Dobbs, Gilchrist would have been just another post-Klan curiosity. Dobbs legitimated him, and CNN legitimates Dobbs.

This is the state of the country we live in? I hate to haul out the embarrassing history in this, Lou, but -- as they old saying goes -- the Mexicans didn't cross the border; the border crossed the Mexicans.

Basta! Somos todos ciudadanos del mundo.