Zionist Thaw, etc.

09/25/2007 04:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I am linking DeAnander's excellent piece on The Zionist Thaw as well as Bob Jensen's recent post on the execrable treatment of Professor Norman Finkelstein, with the following challenge:


I hereby dare any of you to engage in a real and formal debate on the occupation of Palestine with Professor Norman Finkelstein. Obviously, I am not talking about the crap that passes for televised debate now (serial phrase-mongering hosted by the softball-pitching media).

And now I'll tell you why none of them will accept this challenge.

When the facts are presented and not shouted down, and when "information" is not solicited with sly premises that already contain smuggled conclusions, Finkelstein is right, and he is so clearly and overwhelmingly right that the Democratic Party (AIPAC) line will not survive the critical rigor of a formal debate.

There's that... the challenge they won't pick up.

Prisons and Palestine are embarrassments to the Democratic Party, because these issues expose that institution's perfidy and true allegiances. Anyone notice how they've been tip-toeing around the systemic issues on the topic of Jena?

The prison population boomed when the criminal justice system (an apt name if there ever was one) was made even more draconian under the stewardship of President Bill Clinton, killer of the mentally retarded.

And the Zionism to which they pledge their undying allegiance is a secular political movement that is self-defined as both expansionist and racist.

These are not issues that get subsumed -- not in my mind -- by the quicksand logic of lesser-evil politics. They are right up there with the new DLC-approved dodge on Iraq... that the Democrats will "change course in Iraq." This is a way to sound like they are against the war, without explaining why they won't cut the funds for it. Every time any of them utters the phrase "change course" someone needs to shout from the crowd, "Bullshit!" Because on the war, on Palestine, and on the racist US criminal justice system, they are trying to pump sunshine up our collective ass.