03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let's Buy Donald Trump's Jet!

Today it is reported that Donald Trump, clearly not feeling the pinch of the times, is upgrading his mode of travel and putting his old 1968 private jet on the block. A nice tour of the facilities may be found here on this very site.

As jets go, it's pretty standard. The interior looks like a huge stretch, with inverted glassware and the customary burnished wood everywhere you look. Lots of nice seating. Very comfy. Potential purchasers may wish to remove the enormous TRUMP that festoons the side, as well as the large pouf of ruddy, flaxen hair that has been surgically attached to the front dome, but beyond that it's pretty much in walk-in condition. The price is reported to be between $4 and $8 million.

This doesn't seem like a lot, frankly, to own a piece of history. I was reading a magazine called Malibu Times last weekend, don't ask me why, and the smallest, most run-down cottage in that community is going for $4 million and a lot of places are $15 million and up. It's clear there's a lot of money around in this supposedly challenged economy. In a few months, employees of the top three bailed out banks, the ones that crawled out from under their TARPs, will be receiving some $30 Billion with a B in Bonuses. That means $250,000 for each, if it was distributed equally, which it won't be. Some will get BMWs. Others will receive half of Romania.

Nobody said that everybody was equal in our society, of course. I mean, you know, we're all equal, but some are clearly more equal than others. That's capitalism, God bless its tiny heart. But the gap, ladies and gentlemen, is getting to be wide enough to drive a revolution through. More than 10% unemployed. More than that under-employed. And Donald Trump is upgrading his jet. Something must be done!

I say all the readers of this site should consider getting together and purchasing the jet. No, no. Wait a minute. I'm not kidding. If they're publicly asking for $4 million, I'll bet we could get it for $3 million. With current financing being the way it is, putting the plane itself up as collateral we could probably finance, say 85% of it. That means coming up with less than half a million. We can do that.

Once we have the plane, we could all share it, or even use it for some good purpose. Take food to people who need it. Escort children on rides around scenic locations. Make a whistle stop to various communities who have never seen a private jet, even an old one like this, and instruct them in how successful people conduct themselves. It could be a traveling Museum of Affluence, teaching an important lesson to us all about... something.

Perhaps these are not the best ideas. Maybe you can do better. But certainly, a communal ownership of such an important artifact will not only provide an important social purpose, it may also prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. I mean, imagine if the Russians got ahold of it.

Let me get the ball rolling. I am personally ready to put up $250 toward this project. That's all I can afford right now. My daughter is thinking of going to grad school and my son has decided that he doesn't really like having a job he has to go to every day. Perhaps you can do better. If so, please do so. You know what they say. From each according to his ability. To each according to his need.