Now You've Made Me Mad

03/28/2008 02:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Stanley Bing Fortune columnist and best-selling author of business books

Do you guys think I'm stupid? When I have problems with a company that has me at its mercy, in which I trust my life, do you suppose I don't know who is really responsible? Like, if I walk the streets of a city and find them covered with garbage, do you think I blame the men whose responsibility it is to clean as hard as they can from day to night? Don't you think I know there are too few of them to get the job done?

And if I fly an airplane that has been worked like an old donkey for the past 10 years, do you think I blame the pilots and mechanics for the fact that it throws a warning light every time it lands? What do you take me for? Seriously.

There were two kinds of comments to yesterday's post that really set me off. The first came from the geniuses who told me I should walk from New York to California. I'm a cordial guy, so I'll just say that I find those comments to be... what... insincere? I know what you're saying. You're telling me to, you know, have extremely personal relations with myself. Believe me, when I'm sitting on the floor of the airport sucking carpet waiting for the next time some guy thanks me for my patience, I wish I could. Because I can't? I'll just say... back atcha.

The second are those who think I'm blaming flight attendants, cleaning crews, pilots, gate agents, for the pain that the airlines inflict on we, the prisoners of Zenda. Believe me, I don't. I know who is to blame. It starts with Ronald Reagan and we can go on from there...