Playing Defense For The One You Love

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET

Seems like everyone has an opinion on whether President Bill Clinton is helping or hurting his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton's, campaign for president....

So it's my's what I think.

Wonders of wonders...Bill Clinton is acting like a husband...and I say, thank God.

We're used to seeing women standing up next to and for their powerful husbands, and I for one think husbands should stand up for their powerful wives. We're in new territory here...and bravo.

It makes no difference whether he's the former leader of the free world...or Joe Schmo from down the block. When you love someone, the last thing you want is to sit by as someone else takes pot shots at them.

Defend your woman, Bill.

Let's not forget, he's not the only campaigner's family member who's stepped it up after an attack. Remember Elizabeth Edwards taking on conservative columnist, Ann Coulter, when she called John a derogatory name? And what about Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani defending his wife, Judi, the woman he admittedly had an affair with before he married her. Teresa Heinz Kerry, the mega-rich wife of 2004 Democratic nominee, John Kerry, also took a bruising in the press, and he had her back. Even the grand lady herself, Barbara Bush, has on occasion stepped into the fray for her husband...and her son...

No one seriously believes that Hillary Clinton can't defend herself; but admit it, there is something rather endearing to see a spouse "selling wolf tickets" on behalf of their other half. The former president does however have to walk a fine line, because the last thing he wants to convey is that she "needs" him to fight her battles. Like that would ever be the case. In the proverbial boys game of "whose is bigger"...she still can hold her own.

She is a strong woman, but she's also human. And so is her family. She supported Bill...and now he's supporting her. That's what family does. Trust don't want to know what my mother said about you-know-who when I left The View. I can't even repeat it on television without getting fined by the FCC...and that was just a TV show.

The contest for the presidency of the United States should bring out the fight of your life. Let's try however to keep the blood off the floor...It will make for such a mess to clean up when it comes time for the general election...when everyone on this side of aisle will be saying: "Can't we all just get along?..."

Star Jones is an attorney and host of the "Star Jones Show" on TruTv (daily at 3pm EST/PST)