01/25/2008 05:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

That Good Ole Rush to Judgment

This week we learned about the possibility of a "Drew Peterson dating game" on a Chicago radio station...proposed in jest according to his attorney, Joel Brodsky. Jest or not it was a tacky and stupid idea that quickly got the kibosh due to public outcry and someone having the good sense to realize this was an example of poor taste personified.

Bless me father...for I am about to make my confession. Here's the reality. Drew Peterson is innocent until proven guilty. That's the law. Period. End of story. Whew...that was actually hard to say because if we're honest, in our hearts we soooo want Drew to be guilty. We so want to wipe that grin off his face and see him do the "perp walk" into a jailhouse. We don't know him...but we know we don't like him.

We pontificate and grandstand that we want only the "truth" to come out when what we really want is what we have created in our minds to be the truth.

Let's look at the facts: Peterson's third wife died under suspicious circumstances. Her body has been exhumed...and an investigation into her death is being conducted right now. His fourth wife, Stacy, has been missing since October 28th ...and by all accounts, from the outside looking in, she was a normal, wonderful, loving, young mother who just "up and disappeared."

Neither one of these scenarios seems to sit well with us. And you know us. Once something isn't sitting well, we're going to mold it, fold it, twist it and turn it until we get it to fit comfortably in the box we've designed for it. It's like when I see a pair of shoes that I love. I know I wear a size 10, but if those strappy shoes with the crystals that I saw in the magazine are left only in a size nine-and-a-half, I will somehow squeeze my big foot into that nine-and-a-half...and swear they look good.

And guess what, when they have only a size ten-and-a-half or an eleven, all of a sudden, I will rationalize that "sometimes my feet swell at the end of the day, and I like the extra room." Yes, I sound like a nut. I admit it. But at least I'm copping to the fact that when I want something to work, I make it work. Justice shouldn't be like buying a pair of shoes. It should be the right size, color, shape, and style, every time we try it on.

I've been very critical of Drew Peterson, because quite frankly he's acting like an ass. But let's be honest...and let's be fair. Being an ass might make him someone you don't want to date, but even for this ex-prosecutor, it shouldn't make him someone we convict before all the facts are in.

Star Jones is an attorney and host of the "Star Jones Show" on TruTv (daily at 3pm est./pst.)