07/27/2010 12:56 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wash O'Reilly's Mouth Out With Soap, Not Kids Who Are Cursing for the Gulf

When Bill O'Reilly covered the attention-getting campaign, "UnF*ck the Gulf" on his show recently (which is raising money to clean up tar balls and other lovely elements of the oil spill, and prevent future such atrocities), he used a classic right-wing tactic: deflect, distract, divert. I have another great term to sum up his commentary: douchebaggery.

Check out the video below. At about 1:38 O'Reilly asks of his guest, "Did it disturb you that little kids were using the F-word?" Later on, as the guest tries to explain why the word was used, he just mutters "...the kids, the kids, the kids..." and keeps going back to the fact that kids dropped the f-bomb.

So ask yourself: Does O'Reilly really care about children dropping the F-bomb? Or is he trying to distract/divert/deflect viewers from the REAL issue here, which is that the federal government has long been in the pockets of multibillion dollar oil companies, letting them get away with what amounts to regulatory murder? Oooh, kids cursing -- for a reason -- is really something to be upset about when an entire ecosystem has been knocked out of balance through greed and negligence, isn't it?

Someone should wash O'Reilly's mouth out with soap; or better yet, use it to clean off the animals coated with oil that are dying daily in the Gulf of Mexico. If ever there was an appropriate time to use curse words, it is now.

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