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Steen Riisgaard
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> Steen Riisgaard has a vision. He wants to take all the things we make out of oil—out of petrochemicals—and make them out of sugars instead. As President and CEO of Novozymes A/S, he has the research team and business acumen to actually achieve that goal. Over the past ten years, Riisgaard has taken his passion and his three decades of experience in enzyme research and built a company at the forefront of bio-innovation.
> Mr. Riisgaard has led Novozymes since it demerged from Novo Nordisk in 2000. He first joined Novo Nordisk in 1979 as an enzyme researcher. In 1982, he helped start the Enzymes Research & Development unit at Novo Industri Japan Ltd. By 1989 he was Corporate Executive Vice President with special responsibility for Enzyme Business. That business has only grown since Novozymes began charting its own path under Riisgaard’s leadership.
> Mr. Riisgaard holds an MSc in microbiology from the University of Copenhagen. He is a nature lover, bird watcher, and Chairman of the Denmark chapter of the World Wildlife Fund. He is also Vice Chairman of the Boards of the Egmont International Holding A/S and Rockwool International A/S.

Blog Entries by Steen Riisgaard

Reducing Oil Dependence and Creating a Better Environment: The Promise of a Bio-Based Society

Posted April 29, 2011 | 16:41:22 (EST)

As countries in North Africa and the Middle East continue their descent into violence and chaos, crude oil prices have increased more than 20 percent. As Americans feel that pain at the pump, economists continue to express concern that the volatile oil market might plunge the U.S. back into recession.

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