05/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

How to Succeed in Weighing Less

How about 25 lbs less?

Recently, a client started working with my program and has lost that amount already. What is the secret? First, it wasn't the workout but rather the amount of calories consumed and the choice of where those calories came from that contributed to this loss.

Yes, it is true that from a mathematical point of view a calorie is a calorie. Eating fewer or more calories makes you lose or gain weight. But from a scientific perspective, that is not the case. The calories from a chocolate bar compared to those from an apple are not the same. The ingredients make the difference.

The chocolate bar is a processed food, without the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that your metabolism needs to work efficiently. These same enzymes, vitamins and minerals are also the ones required for weight loss and for maintaining a youthful appearance. An apple has those ingredients -- and even more vital components, as of yet undiscovered -- that are crucial for your optimum health.

Calories from sweets also affect your hormone levels, such as your cortisone production. High cortisone levels contribute to weight gain and fatigue. Stress -- whether it's due to the current economic situation, your relationship, or from work -- has the same effect.

Managing your stress won't make you lose fat (sorry!) but the quality and quantity of calories as well as choosing foods that support your fat metabolism can make you a winner at the losing game.

Here are a few quick tips:

Latch onto a lemon. On a daily basis, squeeze into sparkling or still water, use the juice to make salad dressing or to perk up the flavor of vegetables or fruits. The juice from this citrus fruit aids in your body's production of hydrochloric acid and bile.

Hydrochloric acid helps to break down nutrients making for better nutrient utilization by the body. Bile helps your body emulsify fat (and that's a good thing!). Another food to eat regularly: Eggs. Sulfur-containing foods, such as our beloved old eggs, are fat emulsifiers. Eating two whole eggs per day not only aids in losing fat but also will help you reduce your LDL levels, as studies have found.

So you see, the strategies for losing 25 lbs can be simple and straightforward. For starters, choose your foods wisely. Even on the Biggest Loser you can see that it can be done.

Is it different for someone weighing 150 lbs to lose 25 lbs. vs. someone at 290 lbs. to lose 25 lbs.? Sure, but the underlying strategies stay the same.