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The WikiLeaks Accident -- a Time to Brace or a Time for Opportunity?

Today the world is talking about the WikiLeaks accident. A bravado act of an irresponsible hacker or a deliberate act of espionage leveraging modern technology? Whatever the source behind it, I think most people would agree that it was a dangerous, irresponsible act exposing to the public eye snippets of conversations -- some gossip on public characters and some more serious considerations, both potentially having the potential to wreak havoc in diplomatic relationships that should never be exposed. Beyond the reasons why and the tsunami of comments this event has raised, the question we should ask is -- what now? What is to come from this event? Is it a time to brace or a time for opportunity?

Beyond doubt, this irresponsible use of the internet is a moment of crisis. However, is it all bad? There is a Chinese word for crisis is made of two characters: wei -- ji. Wei means "problem" and ji means "opportunity." The word crisis itself comes from the latin verb "crino," which means "to judge." A crisis is an opportunity in the context of a problem. So where is the opportunity here? Is it time to come together in a safer, more responsible, use of technology? Is it a time for an evolutionary leap in foreign politics? A time for world powers to discuss a different way to carry out their diplomatic affairs? There are many opportunities in this crisis, which will -- hopefully -- outshine the problem.