What Education Is Needed to Change the World?

12/07/2010 12:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I am in an airport lounge, traveling from Europe to the US. And I keep thinking that doing what I am doing is not enough. I feel an extreme need to do something meaningful, something of real value. To be an agent of real change. "Would you consider going back to doing humanitarian law?" says my husband. "Help people in need, defend their rights?" Yes this is all great and wonderful, but -- to use a well known metaphor -- right now it feels like feeding hungry people fish, while I what I really want is to teach someone how to fish for themselves instead, to create freedom, independence and lasting change. So what is there to do? There is a growing movement in the world for children education that I totally believe in. Is there something to add to this movement, is there something more to give? Is there something that we can give to adults as well? I feel that the world needs more education in how to mediate opposing interests, how to reach understandings that are mutually beneficial and stepping stones for reciprocal growth.

What are your ideas on this? Can you share some ideas, thoughts, things to consider? What do you think is necessary for change?