12/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


The Hollywood Event to Focus Sustainable Innovation and Corporate Responsibility

It seems like everyone is hopping on the "Go Green wagon" today, so it's no shocker that Hollywood is not waiting on the sidelines to jump on board the green gravy train. For the second year in a row, Hollywood notables will be converging in Los Angeles to take part in the iHollywood Forum for its second annual "Hollywood Goes Green" conference held December 8-9, 2008 at the Hilton Universal in Los Angeles. The high profile who's who conference, will be addressing environmental issues in entertainment and media, with 40 speakers and exhibitors.

One of the speakers is Beth Colleton, Vice President, "Green Is Universal" (GIU), NBC Universal. "I'm pleased that for the second year, NBC is participating in Hollywood Goes Green," said Colleton. "We believe that Hollywood can use its influence to raise environmental awareness, activate consumers to protect the environment, and incorporate eco-friendly practices in our daily operations. This event shows how Hollywood's sustainable initiatives can join in the commitment of corporate America."

"While celebrities have long been environmental activists, studios and production companies have been cautious about adopting the green philosophy as it applies to their business operations" says Zahava Stroud, President and Co-founder of iHollywood. "Today, during an economic slowdown, implementing sustainable solutions is a necessity within global entertainment business operations to improve profitability. Studios and broadcast networks are committing resources to reducing their carbon footprint across the board in entertainment production, distribution, and marketing."

When in Hollywood, do as Hollywood must do, and that is make money, and save on costs. Media, entertainment, and advertising executives from both above and below the line will gather at the event to learn how their businesses can be more profitable through innovation and corporate responsibility. "We attract entertainment pros from business, creative, production, tech, talent, facilities, programming, business affairs, and finance to learn how Hollywood can increase its profitability and plan a meaningful sustainable strategy," said Stroud.

With topics such as, sustainable options that will make the entertainment industry more profitable, best practices and practical guidelines to reduce your carbon footprint, using technology to maximize energy efficiency and decrease IT spending, production workshop on making eco-friendly film, TV and commercial productions, incorporating green initiatives in advertising campaigns, and fuel saving solutions and using energy efficient vehicles, the conference is well on its way to setting new cutting edge standards for Hollywood.

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