04/12/2011 04:27 pm ET | Updated Jun 12, 2011

Redford Looks Years Younger, But Still Has "Senior Moments"

In his mid-seventies, Robert Redford is still hanging on to the good looks and easy charm that have earned him a firm place in the pantheon of American film legends, but it was refreshing to see that like most mortals of a certain age, he is not immune to the occasional "senior moment".

The actor and director was in Washington, DC Sunday night to debut his new Civil War drama "The Conspirator" starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright at the historic Ford's Theatre.

With a bevy of media and political hacks on his trail, he hopped over to the Newseum for an after party hosted by Capitol File Magazine.

The bespectacled screen god made a pit stop before greeting guests in the VIP area, but nearly walked into the ladies room by mistake.

He mumbled a slightly incoherent apology to the amused women he nearly bumped into, but one funny girl was overheard saying, "It's okay. You can come in here with us."

Check out this cover shot of Mr. Redford clearly not looking like a senior from his shoot for the lifestyle glossy Capitol File.


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