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Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.
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Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, Ph.D. is a best-selling author, nationally certified counselor, and licensed mental health counselor. She specializes in ADD/ADHD. Dr. Sarkis is an adjunct assistant professor in Counselor Education at Florida Atlantic University. She is internationally recognized for her work in treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD), autism, Asperger’s, and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Sarkis has won national awards for her research on ADHD and brain function.

Dr. Sarkis is the author of "10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD" (2006, 2nd edition 2011), "Making the Grade with ADD" (2008), "ADD and Your Money" (2009) and "Adult ADD: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed" (2011), all published by New Harbinger Publications. Her website is

Entries by Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

Do Extroverts Really Take More Risks?

(1) Comments | Posted July 4, 2014 | 9:27 AM

Are you more likely to take risks if you are an extrovert or an introvert? Or do you just choose a different type of risk?

The concepts of extroversion and introversion are oftentimes misunderstood. Let's look at some examples of extroverts and introverts.

Extroverts tend to seek information more...

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ADHD and Sex: An Interview with Ari Tuckman PsyD MBA

(0) Comments | Posted March 31, 2014 | 1:57 PM

People with ADHD tend to have more issues in regards to sex than non-ADHD people -- difficulty focusing during sex, an increased rate of risky sexual behaviors, and a need for sexual novelty. Ari Tuckman PsyD MBA, a psychologist, ADHD specialist, and author of three books on ADHD, including

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CrazyBusy: An Interview With Edward Hallowell, M.D.

(0) Comments | Posted October 24, 2012 | 10:30 AM

Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., a child and adult psychiatrist, is a New York Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and leading authority in the field of ADHD. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School and the founder of The Hallowell Centers in Sudbury, Mass. and New York...

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An Interview With Mary Solanto, Ph.D.

(4) Comments | Posted October 12, 2012 | 1:30 PM

Mary V. Solanto, Ph.D., is associate professor of psychiatry and director of the ADHD Center in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Dr. Solanto has worked extensively with adults and children with ADHD. Her research and publications address the...

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Limerence: In Love, Obsessed, or Both?

(10) Comments | Posted September 26, 2012 | 10:15 AM

There's a word for that head-over-heels feeling.

Ever had that "I-need-him-I-know-we-are-meant-to-be-together-I-know-it-I-can't-breathe-I-can't-sleep-I-love-him-so-much" feeling? You may have experienced limerence.

Psychologist Dorothy Tennov's book Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love (1998) gives an insight into that involuntary feeling of want. Tennov has described limerence as "the cognitive and...
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French Kids Do Have ADHD: An Interview with Elias Sarkis, MD

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2012 | 3:56 PM

Moliere described ADHD in his play L'Étourdi ou Les Contretemps (The Blunderer) in 1655. However, the concept of ADHD as a serious disorder is still not fully accepted in France, where it is known as "trouble déficit de l'attention/hyperactivité" (TDAH). However, ADHD impacts the functioning of 3.5% of the population...

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Binge Eating and Its Impact on the Workplace: An Interview With Richard Bedrosian, Ph.D.

(0) Comments | Posted July 18, 2012 | 5:20 PM

Dr. Richard Bedrosian is director of behavioral health and solution development for Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company. He is a clinical psychologist with more than 34 years of experience in treating depression, addictions, anxiety disorders, and aftereffects of childhood trauma or abuse. He is a pioneer...

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ADHD and Marriage: An Interview With Gina Pera

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2012 | 3:59 PM


Gina Pera is the author of the award-winning book Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? She speaks internationally on adult ADHD and writes three blogs, including one devoted to relationships: "You and Me -- and Adult AD/HD."


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Mindfulness and ADHD: An Interview With Lidia Zylowska, M.D.

(3) Comments | Posted July 2, 2012 | 7:40 AM

Lidia Zylowska, M.D. is the author of The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD. She is a UCSC-affiliated psychiatrist who specializes in mindfulness-based approaches to mental health and adult ADHD. She practices in northern California. Dr. Zylowska is a cofounder of UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, where she conducted the first...

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Olympic Caliber: An Interview With "Top Shot" Gabby Franco

(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2012 | 3:25 PM

Gabriela (Gabby) Franco has been shooting since the age of 11. At the age of 16, Gabby became part of the Venezuelan Olympic Team, and won her first International Silver Medal at the Bolivarian Games in Peru (1997). Since then Gabby became one of the favorite pistol shooter of the...

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ADHD and Marriage: An Interview With Melissa Orlov

(0) Comments | Posted June 18, 2012 | 6:31 PM

Melissa Orlov is a marriage consultant and one of the top experts in how ADHD affects relationships. She has been writing and speaking about the topic since 2007, researching it since 2005. She has worked with Edward Hallowell, M.D. since 2004, writing ADHD articles and newsletters and assisting with educational...

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ADHD & Parenting: An Interview with Dr. Mark Bertin, M.D.

(0) Comments | Posted June 11, 2012 | 6:20 PM

Dr. Mark Bertin, M.D., a board certified developmental behavioral pediatrician, studied at the UCLA School of Medicine and completed his training in general pediatrics at Oakland Children's Hospital in California. Dr. Bertin is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Medical College. Dr. Bertin is a frequent lecturer for...

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6 Ways Texting Is Ruining Your Dating Life

(1) Comments | Posted June 8, 2012 | 10:30 AM

For more by Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., click here.

For more on emotional intelligence, click here.

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The ADHD Maverick: An Interview with Jennifer Koretsky

(0) Comments | Posted June 1, 2012 | 6:58 PM

Jennifer Koretsky is the managing partner and chief executive officer of ADD Management Group, LLC. She is the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD, and is the director of the Virtual AD/HD Conference®. She is also a Senior Certified AD/HD Coach. Her website is

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The List Method: How to Find 'The One'

(1) Comments | Posted May 23, 2012 | 5:30 PM

So things just haven't worked out that well in the love department. Or you've gotten this close to finding the person of your dreams and wound up getting disappointed again. Or you did find the person of your dreams, but for one reason or another you are finding yourself back...

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Eating Disorders in Men: An Interview With Dr. Roberto Olivardia

(0) Comments | Posted May 17, 2012 | 12:19 PM

Dr. Roberto Olivardia is a clinical instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and assistant psychologist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. He maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Arlington, Mass., where he specializes in the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),...

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Interview With Dr. Ari Tuckman on Adult ADHD

(2) Comments | Posted May 15, 2012 | 2:20 PM

Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA is a psychologist in private practice, specializing in diagnosing and treating children, teens, and adults with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. He has appeared on CNN, National Public Radio, and XM Radio and been quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post and the...

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Technology and the Loss of Intimacy

(1) Comments | Posted May 4, 2012 | 7:50 AM

In the age of technology, are we losing contact with each other? Sure, there is the superficial contact of emails, texting, and even phone calls -- but are we sacrificing face-to-face time for quick communication?

For the majority of us, we have the luxury of being able to spend...

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Separate Accounts: It May Save Your Marriage

(1) Comments | Posted February 29, 2012 | 11:00 PM

Sex and money -- two things couples fight about the most. For couples with joint accounts, the money arguments can get heated and even lead to a breakup.

When I see couples for counseling, money issues inevitably come up. One person is usually a saver, and one is a...

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Crappy Weather (South Florida Style)

(0) Comments | Posted February 7, 2012 | 12:27 PM

It rained all day today. This is what we in South Florida refer to as "crappy weather."

Granted, my version of crappy weather is not your version of crappy weather. Crappy weather here, for the most part, is when it is either 55 degrees or lower, or if it...

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