Boehner's America

10/07/2010 12:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let's talk about where you and I will find ourselves if we don't roll up our sleeves, get the vote out, and re-elect Democratic women to Congress: we'll be living in John Boehner's America. Make no mistake -- if Republicans succeed in their efforts, discouraging women voters and taking away the gavel from Nancy Pelosi, then we'll get Speaker Boehner.

November 2 is less than a month away. We have less than a month to prevent a takeover from the party of "no." Less than a month to stop someone with legendary ties to lobbyists, special interests, and far-right cronies. Less than a month to stop John Boehner, who would lead a majority dominated by backwards-looking extremists, from becoming Speaker of the House.

The GOP has made it clear that the interests of women and families don't matter to them. If they win on November 2, Speaker Boehner and the Republican majority would start right away at gutting our progress and protections: They would repeal health care reform. Abandon Social Security. Protect big corporations. And chip away at our reproductive rights at every turn.

Need more alarm bells? Take a look at Senator Jim DeMint, a powerful kingmaker among the very right wing, who would return us to a seemingly bygone era. He says unmarried women should not be allowed to be teachers if they are sexually active. He said that just this past weekend -- 2010. Can you imagine anyone saying that about a man?

In Boehner and DeMint's America, all the ground we have gained to make health care affordable and accessible would be rolled back. Forget about the right to make our own decisions about our reproductive choices in private -- government would legislate that. Women could be forced to bear their rapists' child; doctors would be criminalized. Corporations -- like the ones funding the big money attacks on our elected women -- would call the shots.

This is why EMILY's List is saying not so fast to John Boehner's plan. We're taking his vision of America to women -- and ensuring voters have the tools they need to fight back. We're telling the story of what Boehner and his conservative cronies have up their sleeves with a new website, We want voters to find out the reality of what it would be like to have that speaker's gavel handed over to John Boehner.

I can't emphasize this enough: our EMILY's List candidates are the firewall against this extremist agenda. And we're fighting for them because they fight for women, for our families, and for communities -- everyone who'd lose in Boehner's America. We have less than a month, but there's still time -- and we're pulling out all the stops to protect our values and our rights when they're most vulnerable.