02/14/2012 02:17 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

New York Fashion Week: Day 4

As another season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week threatens to speed by, I like to think that I've given renewed meaning to the expression "back-to-back." In the past four days alone, I've seen the work of countless friends and colleagues march down the runways. I've made pre-show appearances backstage, post-show appearances at evening soirees, and later this week, I'll make my debut on-stage, in partnership with the Moms and my unabashed role model, Iman, together with whom I'm hosting Strut: the Fashionable Moms Show. On Sunday, February 12th, I fight the urge to cuddle in bed with my kids and remind myself that today will be unremittingly jam-packed, and I best get a head start.

My beauty team, Jason Willard and Ashley Ohman from the John Barrett Salon, appear more or less as the sun is ascending. They are armed with coffee, and I stick to my potion of Oz Garcia's Brain Enhancement supplements for much-needed early morning energy. I sneak in a quick breakfast and then immediately turn to my flooded inbox. My assistant and I correspond alternately about the coming day's schedule and trade reactions to the tragic news of Whitney Houston's passing. I cannot believe another icon has left us so early. My first show of the day is Derek Lam's off-site runway, and so I luxuriate in a morning of working from home. I weigh in on some last minute production queries via conference call, prioritizing the concerns of those designers showing either today or tomorrow. By the end of my furious keyboard tapping, I worry that my iPhone might explode from over use. By noon, I've taken my seat at Derek Lam, and settle in to take in Lam's vision for Fall/Winter 2012. Equal parts comfort and high glamour, Lam's collection marries uptown tailoring with downtown edge. No matter what, I know I'll be layering knits come fall. After ducking out, I race uptown to make it in time for Marlon Gobel's debut in Avery Fisher Hall at 1:30pm. Gobel makes full use of Fisher's opulence, while giving it his own spin.

Afterward, I head down to the seventh circle of the Lincoln Center Campus--the garage. The pioneering duo behind Juicy Couture has decided to inaugurate its new venture, Skaist-Taylor, in the spacious parking lot beneath the Josie Robertson Plaza. The pair utterly transforms it, and the personal playground comes alive with the brand's signature dose of California cool. After a chat with the designers, I return "upstairs," to the Tents for Diane von Furstenberg's show. Diane's impeccable eye for color continues to dictate what I want to wear each season, and this rendition's raspberry hues are exactly what I want to wrap myself in come winter. I get a brief respite from show going, between DVF and the CIRCA Salon's launch party, in partnership with Harper's Bazaar. The CIRCA Salon is one-part accessories fairy godmother, one part luxury jewelry showcase. CIRCA's CEO, Chris Delgatto, worked with myself, and Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA to create a platform for accessories designers to debut their collections. The Salon is one of my favorite initiatives of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and it's always a pleasure to stop by. I slipped out of CIRCA in time for Thakoon's hotly anticipated runway, where I spotted of-the-moments trends cleanly-interpreted by the young designer. It seems unnecessary, at this point, to point to Thakoon as "one to watch," but season after season, he earns the platitude. I'm in love with his aesthetic. At 7pm, I greet friend Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Joanna Coles, at Zac Posen's show in the Koch Theater. The assembled crowd of editors, models and friends of the designer have come to expect elegance, and Zac delivers in a way that makes me proud to work in this industry. His artistry knows no bounds, and I actually find myself holding my breath as Coco Rocha takes her final walk. Incredible. Elated and deeply craving the occasion to wear one of his gowns, I say quick goodbyes to my seatmate of choice, Steven Kolb.

Once the surprise blizzard finally calms down outside, and evening has already set on the Plaza, I realize that my feet can no longer take one more step and I can hear my bed calling my name from across Central Park. Another day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is complete, and day five is already appearing in my inbox.

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