09/28/2010 02:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Want My iPod Touch

Imagine this.

I am a fourteen year-old girl. My parents have put controls on my cell phone so I can't text after 9pm on school nights and 10pm on weekends. I only send about 3,000 texts a month (most of my friends text tons more). I can only use the laptop (which I have to share with my mom) in the living room and I have to do my homework and chores before I can go on Facebook. And, of course they don't allow me to have a TV in my room.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard about the new iPod Touch. It is so cool. All my friends have one (well, Tracy on my running team does). You can go online 24/7 -- as long as Dad hasn't switched off the router. There's this great app that let's you have unlimited texting to anyone in the world any time you like. And another one that turns it into a phone and you can do live video chat and download any music you like. And, of course, I can update my Facebook from the privacy of my room. It solves all my problems.

The problem is my Dad won't let me buy one, even though I've saved up my babysitting money and I have enough to pay in cash. He says there should be an age limit or something and that he's going to go and talk to the people at the Apple store. How embarrassing. And that you can't walk into an R-rated movie at my age or buy a M-rated video game from Blockbuster without ID. And he says it would be like me having a TV, a computer, a phone and a video camera connected to the Internet in my bedroom.

Exactly! Doesn't he get it? Now, I wouldn't admit it to him, but I do find texting a bit addicting. And I once said in an argument with mom that Facebook is my life, but I didn't really mean it. Well, only a little. And there was the time when both mom and dad were out and I forgot to feed the dog and cat and I didn't do any homework 'cause I was online for hours and hours. But it wasn't my fault or anything.

So what am I going to do? My Dad says I don't have his permission. Yeah, but I've got my rights, right? We've been learning about those in Politics class. He and mom take my phone away (well, OK, they do pay for it) when I haven't done stuff or I've been rude, but they can't take my iPod Touch away -- it's my property. I just have to get a ride to the mall. Maybe Tracy's mom.