10/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bailout Confuson -- All Over The Web (Salient Links)

By Stephen C. Rose

Each morning I dutifully post links from sites I value for their news sense or opinion pertinence.

Today the general theme is bailout confusion, so I thought I would share the links that relate to this.

In general, my home page today is rife with speculation about how the candidates may or may not vote. I am not assuming, in particular, that McCain will say yes to the bailout.

There is even speculation that both candidates will avoid the Senate vote --- which is now set for Wednesday.

At any rate, a survey of salient links:

538 says opposition to bailout may be overstated GO
INVESTORS cool to deal GO
SIROTA on why the bailout shouldn't pass GO
CREDIT mess over credit mess PHOTOS & text GO
PAULSON warnings continue apace GO
THE BAILOUT nobody likes GO
BAILOUT DETAILS -- Congress could stop it GO
INNER WORKINGS of how the bailout could get passed GO
DIGBY -- how we got here and a sharing of my McCain premise GO
RISKY VOTE for Congress folk GO
MOJO -- a positive explication of Paulson plan GO
NYTIMES on candidates' bailout postures GO
NPR -- candidates gingerly embrace bailout GO
OBSIDIAN bailout cogitations GO
KUCINICH doubts bailout passage GO
TIME -- a first look inside bailout bill GO
CHRIS HEDGES evokes real change GO

MOVING toward a verdict on the whole messy process GO