01/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Blago Should Appoint Diane Nash Today

Barack Obama and others should relax and let Governor Blagojevich appoint a Senator. I have a suggestion too.

That is Blago's job. The Senate's call for him to resign looks like a knee-jerk response with Blago stonewalling and acting as though he is innocent until proved guilty.

Taint is universal. It is called original sin. A misnomer. Sin has little originality. It involves hubris, imperfection, craziness and simple, banal sheep-like behavior. This time the sheep are the moralists. Blago is the crazy.

So, what?

Legally he can appoint and the Senate can get off its moralistic horse and confirm. We might then owe Blago big time. Maybe help cut him a deal in prison.

My personal U.S. Senate candidate to replace Barack is Chicagoan Diane Nash with whom I once marched in Nashville. I rate her right up there with John Lewis as a Civil Rights Movement Veteran.

Maybe higher.

Right up with Vincent Harding. That is very close to the deity.

Here is Diane Nash's Wikipedia Page.

OK. I am a cock-eyed optimist. But I am right about Blago appointing someone. The moralists need to back off big time and cut a simple, transparent quid pro quo deal with the crazed Governor.

The idea of a $30 million Special Election also needs to be forgotten Big Time. The Republicans will pour money in and win. Another knee-jerker.

Barack should loosen up on this. He looked a bit weird the other day, flanked by the imposing bulk of Mr. Biden and Mr. Gore. This tawdry scene in Illinois is Obama's political nursery. No one will begrudge him a laugh or two. We need a non-stutter response.

I shall update this post today at there is reason to. Visit anyway for perspicacious remarks on anything at all.

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