08/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fear of A Double Dip Recession

This does not have to be long.

It was $4 gas that alerted folks to a Big Change. They held on to what was left of their money, had enough left when it went down, and now are spending again. (Except for those who got ruined.)

What do you think will happen when oil makes its inevitable climb once again? Same thing.

Fact is, the need for major change is not realized sufficiently and we are going to pay.

Density of population is needed for a vibrant economy to flourish. Pattern Language produces this density with a max of three stories, by creating largely pedestrian settlements, by doing commerce locally and not a drive away.

It may be that folks will catch on. The enemies remain the car, the superhighway, the notion of endless oil and the willingness to grit teeth and accept the constraints of what passes for life in metrosprawl.

I think we are moving towards Diabetic Nation and that a macabre idea would be to start creating t-shirts for obese children with the legend Diabetic In Training.

The double dip recession should inform us. The next cigarette is not bottled water -- it is diabetes. The cause is not walking.

The solution is pattern language, integral thinking, not being hoodwinked by superficial media and cultivating taste and discrimination as the due of every person, the prize we have lost by accepting the notion that everything must remain the same.

The solution is getting out there and creating communities of sufficcient density and diversity that work, commerce, entertainment, sports, religion, society and so forth can begin th flourish in the same general area.

Giving up driving everywhere is the first step to stopping a double dip recession. The second time could be more depressing than the first.

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