10/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin -- Two More Days on the Down Slope

By Stephen C. Rose



Today's Palin links carry nothing reflecting yesterday's affair allegation. I have seen nothing to suggest that my thinking about this bursting on the MSM was correct. But the day is not over yet.

The links for today include a skewering of Palin as a cultural benchmark that would warm the heart of a Mayhill Fowler on the hunt for elitist statements.

Troopergate is alive and well, buttressed by popular sentiment for disclosure and accountability in Alaska.

Tina Fey is, if anything, better on her second SNL Palin appearance.

Palin is not the favorite of George Will and other conservative commentators.

And, sadly I sense, the Bristol wedding may become a pawn in the political gamesmanship that Palin's presence has created. I am told by a little bird that the prospective groom is not exactly aching for a tie that binds. The source is the same as that which alleges the affair.

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Yow. Bad press reviews of the Couric debacle. Republicans are getting antsy. KO has that October 1 deadline out there for a Palin withdrawal from the campaign.

Any silver linings emerging? None I can see. Not with the Veep debate looming.

All I can think of is the Witch Doctor Cleric being called in to do a special prayer to turn Biden into a raving maniac who self-destructs as Palin wins next Thursday's debate in a walk.

If Biden is not done in by this spiritual exertion, I would suggest he look at the Couric videos and transcript and decide to let Ms. Palin create her own petard, as it were.

I have restrained myself from the unseemly posting of Sarah in a bathing suit in 1994. That would, after all, be sexist.

I did see a PALIN POWER sign at Ole Miss yesterday. Somewhere out there the believers are hoping and praying.

Somewhere out there, swing voters are deciding they will go with the normal guy and his hyper-experienced sidekick.

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