Two More Days of Sarah Palin on The Down Slope

10/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011



I have maintained a Sarah Palin Breaking News and Information page from Day One. Had she been a consistent, prime mover in building toward a McCain victory, these links would have reflected it. Instead they demonstrate a micro-targeted panoply of nibbles whose main effect is to marginalize her and make her a liability.

You can more or less see this on her face. There is wear and tear there that is as revealing as some of the recent McCain shots.

Today we see some micro references to the Couric interview and another sock to the solar plexus in terms of her evident acceptance of gifts while in office.

Nothing to indicate that she is doing any better than McCain in trying to create a winning narrative.

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More links today, but what of them? A Couric interview generally seen to be damaging to the idea of Palin's readiness to assume the Presidency. A look at the way the McCain campaign wants to frustrate access to Palen and her story. Among the more encouraging links is the one which says there are two sides in Alaska to the issue of shooting wolves from planes.

More and more, I revert to my original impression. She remains a distraction, part of a narrative designed to move people's minds from the issues.

I now see the McCain as an opponent of the Democratic process. But given the complicity of Bush, why would this be an original thought?

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