Jane Hamsher And The Boundaries Of Liberal Character Assassination

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

A couple of days ago I disagreed with Jane Hamsher about Joe Lieberman's visit to Groton Sub Base. I was respectful, I believe. I like to think that we can have tactical disagreements within the party.

Since then Jane and other bloggers at Firedoglake have posted multiple attacks on me, calling me dishonest, naive, and most recently someone eager to call attention to myself and enter the conversation. As if this wasn't a democracy; as if the conversation was open only to invited participants.

She also now accuses me of colluding with Lieberman's campaign manager Dan Gerstein, which is a ridiculous assertion, and something I would like to think is beneath Jane. I think it's sad to so quickly stoop to name calling and assumptions about each other's motives and doesn't help the progressive cause we share.

And as far as that debate goes, the debate over whether or not Joe Lieberman was "campaigning with Republicans"- Jane still hasn't acknowledged that Democrat Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is endorsing Ned Lamont, was also there. Does that lead to the headline Democrat Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to Campaign with Republicans? Nor has she mentioned this email I sent a day earlier seeking clarification, which she never responded to:

Hi Jane,

We met at YearlyKos. I'm trying to find support for your article today that Lieberman is campaigning with Republican candidates. Could you help me with some links?

Thank you so much,

Stephen Elliott