07/08/2007 01:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Note To Arctic Monkeys

You worked for the spotlight. You played endless gigs, gave away free CDs at your shows. You wanted to be taken seriously. You wanted to be heard. You were drawn to fame like a moth to a fire. Now you have it. It wasn't an accident. People are almost never famous by accident. You weren't just kids playing guitars in a basement. Through work and talent and persistence you made it happen. Now people pay attention to you, four kids from Sheffield, England. A town devastated by the global economy.

So don't be surprised when people value your opinion. You asked people to listen to you and they responded and with that comes responsibility.

Now you don't want to participate in Live Earth. That's fine. But it's ridiculous to say you don't know why people listen to rock stars on issues like the environment. You applied for the job of spokesman for your generation. Well, guess what, you've been hired. Now it's time to report for work.

Note to Matt Helders -- Be a man. Grow up. Don't know anything about Global Warming? Buy a book. Still don't feel comfortable? Bring an expert on stage with you to address your audience. Pleading ignorance is no excuse. Acting surprised that people care what you think is disingenuous. This is the world we live in. This is the path you chose.

-- Stephen Elliott