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Shocking John McCain

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It's interesting to see John McCain portraying Democrats as acting out of political opportunism and Republicans as acting on principle. This wouldn't be the same John McCain who spoke at Jerry Falwell's University. And he couldn't possibly be referring to the Republicans who manipulated intelligence, connected Saddam to al-Qaeda, and outed Valerie Plame. And he's definitely not referring to the firing for political reasons of eight Attorney Generals. Nobody in his right mind would call that acting on principle. And I hope to God he's not talking about Republican Mark Foley stalking young boys, knocking on their dorms after midnight, looking to have a good time. John McCain could not possibly interpret that as acting on principle.

"America has a vital interest in preventing the emergence of Iraq as a Wild West for terrorists, similar to Afghanistan before 9/11," McCain said, in explaining why we destroyed Iraq and turned it into a haven for terrorists.

He was making a case for why we should stay in Iraq. But this is the same guy who went on a walk through a Baghdad market with a full company of soldiers, covered by Apache helicopters, and then talked about how safe things were and how the rest of us were just ignorant of all the good news in Iraq.

In his speech he talks about defeat and surrender, as if this was a war that could be won.

"In Iraq today, terrorists have resorted to levels of barbarism that shock the world, and we should not be so naïve as to believe their intentions are limited solely to the borders of that country," Mr. McCain said. But that's not shocking. What's shocking is the hundreds of billions of dollars we've spent creating that intractable situation. What's shocking is the role John McCain has played in this fiasco. What's shocking is who we once thought John McCain was, and what he has become.

Full text of McCain's speech

- Stephen Elliott

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