03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Afghanistan Nightmare: the Only Light in this Dark Tunnel

Frankly, I hate politics, but what does one do when he/she see a President who has turned out to be (as I had begun to fear a few months back) really just like most of the others that came before him.

Were we in some strange, reverse racist place during the elections to believe something different might happen because Obama was black? Not that Hilary would have handled things better, or McCain. But here we are with the Lyndon Johnson of the 21st century in a war that drains our treasury after Bush and friends (then Obama and pals) allowed Wall Street to take the bulk of it already.

Is this the way a Republic (finally) ends?

I would rather be writing poetry. I would rather be doing my little, strange videos or making a feature film or TV. I would rather be doing anything but this. But this, I believe is what has to be done. And soon what will have to be done is marching in the streets, I'm afraid -- which takes even more time (and is riskier) than writing this stuff. And after that probably bringing down this black president who lives in that White House, a house which seems to do the same thing to other good people who get too much -- too much fame, money, power, etc. "Too much" seems to hollow the heart, seems (to often, but not always) to make people forget about other people; forget about the people who just live lives (poetry in itself), who raise children and fix plumbing and camp out and cook small meals and (sometimes) starve and (sometimes) believe and hope and dream despite what unfolds all around them.

The dream of Obama is now dead. Someone has to be saying this -- the dream is dead -- as many people as possible now need to say this who aren't right wing maniacs -- the dream that was once Martin Luther King's (the dream that Obama traded on, got elected by) is now (I believe) about to turn into a nightmare.

So why write this? Why even try?

Because as the nightmare unfolds (in it's own nasty way) let it be clear that we saw it coming, that we can see where things can go (if we look carefully and allow ourselves not to rationalize our way into fantasy). That as the nightmare continues to descend on us we don't panic or get depressed or give up, but that we keep our eyes and minds clear so that we can clear up (slowly, slowly, because that's the only way it's done) the mess that lost people (like Obama and those around him) are in the process of creating.

For there will be a time after this President, there is always a time after any president...