03/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

And So It Better Begin

Who could have imagined six months ago that a Republican vowing to stop Health Care in its tracks would become Kennedy's successor? Do we remember, at Kennedy's funeral, how everyone spoke of his death being a rallying point for health care? Then came the chaos, brutality and hilarity of all those debates, then the Pharmaceuticals weighing in as the fifty tons of gorilla they are, just as Wall Street had weighed in earlier. Then Obama (just like Bush) gave them everything left that hadn't already been taken by Goldman (let them eat cake) Sachs et al.

Now here we sit. Has there been a worse president since Herbert Hoover (only he was a Republican)?

When do we face the music, folks - those of us who are progressives (the rest of you can tell us you told us so)? We made a mistake. Obama has made nothing but mistakes - his war, his economy, his promises, his weak-kneed intellectuality. Nothing has worked so I would say he's finished even before he got started. And for this Massachusetts debacle to happen a day after Martin Luther King Day simply points up the sad fact that we have all seen Martin Luther King (more or less) and Obama? You're no King.

Am I upset? You bet I'm upset. I would like Obama out of office now except...except...if he could just finally wake up out of whatever dream Harvard-world he's been living in -- wake up now out of his deep articulate sleep and finally go after Wall Street with the gloves off, yeah, bite the hand that fed him and bite it hard. Because if he doesn't, he's going to end up being one more poor fella who fell on his sword for douche bags.

I'm sorry, I'm being particularly unpleasant tonight, but I feel plenty unpleasant as I look at Massachusetts and I see what the Democrats have done to themselves, what they've done to us (forget about the Republican's; they've always screwed us).

And I hope Obama feels unpleasant too. Worst than unpleasant, way worse - maybe then he'll actually do something and he'll do it, not so much with panache, but with power. (For he still has the power). And if he does wake up and does start acting like a man, if he starts biting those soft pudgy hands around him, then I'll vote for him again in a heartbeat. I'll vote for anyone he stumps for.

Otherwise I'll do the same damn thing they did up there in Massachusetts, and I'll put odds on it that pretty much everyone else in this country will do the same.